What can I do with this?

I saw a clearance basket whilst at Hobbycraft so I rescued 6 hanks of R2 braid in pink from it (49p each!) but it’s a discontinued yarn so I can’t find any patterns really. So what would you do with it if you had some? Suggestions please!!!

Each hank has about 15m (16yds) and is 70% viscose, 30% nylon, hand wash only.

It’s braided? I can’t quite figure out what I’m looking at. :??

It reminds me a little of that Crystal Palace Big Net Simone posted about a few threads back. Perhaps ask her what the item was that called for the yarn? Yours is a little heavier tho by the look of it. Big needles and shopping bags? Being hand wash only I probably would not make a bathroom rug or similar from it. Hmmmm

I second the rug idea! I bet it would make a cool purse as well. That’s really pretty stuff - I’ve never seen anything like it.

Yes it is braided :wink: