What can I do to add to the twisted side?

I’m trying to add another DPN to the twisted side, but it doesn’t seem to be budging, what I can I do?


I’m not sure I understand… the twisted side? Is that the hat? It seems tooooo twisted. Are you sure you didn’t twist the knitting before joining?

What I do to use the DPNs is to knit right onto them. Makes it easier, too.

well, you know how a hat is suppose to look

it obviously doesn’t look like that right now

it’s twisted in so many ways that I can’t get it untwisted on the circular needles (which is basically everything not on a DPN)

I mean, I don’t think there is much that anyone can do to help me from the computer screen, but it’s frustrating.

I’m a little worried that you twisted the stitches before you joined. If you did then there is nothing to do to fix it. You may just have to call it a learning experience and start over.:???:

This isn’t fair isle obviously, but the needles should still look about like this.

I’ve made a hat before, I know what it “should” look like


I’m so close to being done though

I didn’t remember you saying before if you’d knit a hat in the round so that’s why the photo. :shrug:

I’ve knit fair isle hats and never had a problem so I’m just not sure why yours is giving you so much trouble!