What Can Elizabeth Zimmerman teach me?

I’ve heard a lot about EZ, and I was wondering what I can learn from her books. I’ve never bought one before, but I added her books to my amazon wishlist just because of all the good things I’ve heard. I just want to know what specifically her words can help me with and if she has any great patterns (I especially want in on that moccasin sock pattern Amy told us about)

You don’t have to explain anything in full, the book can do that, but maybe summarize. Just wondering what specific techniques I could really benefit from that her books can show me.


EZ can teach you how to be humble… and not stumble…


couldn’t resist. I love reading her book, the first one. I got it pretty cheap and it’s so much fun to read. she teaches you how to make say a sweater or hat without a pattern, you calculate what you want and steam ahead.
she’s so witty and fun. I haven’t even tried her sweaters yet though, they are a little old fashioned. why don’t you look through it at the bookstore and decide that way?

Oh yeah, she teaches lots of good stuff NOT to do. very important when you’re a basic knitter.

That sounds awesome! I don’t remember seeing her books in the bookstore around here, so I may have to order them, but I will look again next time my boyfriend feels like taking me (he hates going to barnes n noble)

Where do you find these books?

I saw them online - just the covers, but not sure if you’re asking me :blush:

EZ teaches the soul of knitting, and she does it with humor and grace.

I feel the best, best place to buy them is from www.schoolhousepress.com

It is run by her daughter, now, but it was her mom’s orginally, I believe.

You could get EZ books out of the library.
She’ll teach you that knitting isn’t rocket science and it’s okay to make a mistake and there are inventive ways to do things and all of it’s okay.
I think the main thing I get from her books is the idea that we should just forge ahead. And while she gets this message across, she does it (I should say DID it, I guess) with a dry wit and great humility, though in my opinion she was one of the greatest knitters ever.

That’s a good idea, I’ll look online to see if the libraries here have 'em :slight_smile:

:frowning: They don’t have her books here…

Lonnie just order EZ’s “A Knitting Glossary” DVD for my BDAY :cheering: :cheering: …4 hours of EZ & Meg…u can read a bit about it here. AND, my friend Kelley tells me that Meg said that EZ’s other videos are being put on dvd format…but it will take time bc they are so old…from the 60’s and what not…but, what she teaches is wonderful from what I’ve heard, truthfully, I don’t have one of her books yet. “Knitting Workshop” is on my wish list :wink:

wow, that dvd sounds amazing! I read the summary of it on knitpicks, and it sounds just awesome :shock:

Thanks, I’ll check out the library. :wink:

Wow! :shock: I wish I’d seen that DVD before I gave my mom my amazon.com wish list.

Um, I bought The Knitter’s Almanac and Knitting Without Tears on half.com. They are both awesome. Knitter’s Almanac has the mocassin socks. I’ve read the chapter - I can envision knitting them as she writes the pattern out in this amazing way…then there are “pithy” directions afterward. She makes it so you feel empowered to alter, play, “unvent” as she says. She sprinkles everything with writing about her life and it’s just all really hysterically funny and witty and sharp.

I’m currently knitting December from the almanac and hope, in fact, to knit each month till I get back to December! :slight_smile: December is a Wishbone Sweater in hugely thick (2.5 st/in) yarn…I’m using Brown Sheep Burly Spun. It is for dh.

After reading all this, it really inspires me to go check the books out. I love humor, it’s like my middle name! And knitting too…and crafts…

About amazon.com wishlists, you can always add to them after you’ve given the link out.

What I like about her is her common sense approach to knitting. EZ says wanna make a sweater but hate to purl? Just knit in the round! Make one big tube for the body, two tubes half the size for arms and connect em all together for the top of the sweater and neck and voila! (that’s a very generalized, paraphrasing of EZ accroding to me) When I go to the library for EZ books there is always a lobg wait for them. I have one book that has been on hold since almost last year :shock: but its worth the wait.

I think I only paid around $10 for my Knitting without Tears. but I can’t remember exactly, or if I got it when Ijoined the book club. Which is such a great deal if you want a lot of knitting books. I got 6! The funniest thing about EZ was how she knitted on the back of her husband’s motorcycle and she was like 70 or something! Isn’t that great?
She said trucks would slow down gaping in disbelief.

I’ve take out a couple of EZ books from the library and they are available in paperback at Borders.

I don’t think we have a Borders here in town and I checked the library, but thanks though :slight_smile:

I LOVE EZ. :heart: I agree with Ingrid, to get them from Schoolhouse Press if you can, that was indeed EZ’s own self-publishing business, now run by daughter Meg (another stellar knitting teacher and person).