What cables are these?

I saw this hat at Walmart and I really like it but I’m not paying $10 or so for something I can make. My question is what are the different cables used?

Just break them down, cables are knitting sts out of order with a cross to the right or left.
from the left, the first is a 4 or 6 st cable with a twist to the right (put 2 or 3 sts on a holder, hold in back, knit from needle, then knit from holder) the smaller one is 4 with I think 1 st put on holder, p1, k1, then k 1 from holder. The next one is like the first. I do think the k1 p1 ribbing may be carried up through the cables and it could be the larger cable is over 5 sts - put 2 on a holder, k2, p1, k2 from the holder. Why don’t you take some scrap yarn and play around with various ways of doing this and see if you come up with something like it.

Knitting on the Net has a great stitch dictionary. Scroll down for cables.

Also, try Lion’s stitch dictionary.

I was in WM today and saw them. Let me revise my directions.
Starting from the left, the 1st cable is over 5 sts - 3 to the back, k2, k3 from holder. The next is over 3 sts - 2 sts held to the back, k1, k2. The big one is over 6 sts and the setup is k2, p2, k2. Hold 4 sts to the back, k2, then p2, k2 from the holder.