What Cable Is This?

I started a discussion on the Monk lover’s group on Ravelry about what looks to be a great handknit sweater on an episode (pic below). I love the sweater and the color! I’m interested in the front cable, it’s very interesting and each leg of it seems to be twisted as well. Does anyone know what it might be called or where I can get it?

I got my Harmony Cable & Aran Stitch Guide this week! Now I can start planning DH’s fisherman’s sweater! :woohoo:

Its a double–you start with what looks like 8 stitches in a fingering weigh yarn!)

the 8 stitches become a diamond cable (traveling cabling) and once before the Max width of the daimond, each 4 stitch arm gets cabled (2 over 2) and then again after maximum with(but before the center point.)

you could swatch in sports weight, and make the diamond cable 4 stitches wide with 2 stitches in each arm/side) but the twists of these arms will be less noticable.

i am guessing (from gauge) that the sweater is machine knit.

WOW, if that’s machine knit, I gotta get me one of those! :wink: I’m in love with the color!