What books would you love to buy?

I am going to use some birthday-money at Amazon, I would like to buy something useful. The first book I want is Alice Starmore, The celtic collection. I also want to buy Knitting out of Africa by Marianne Isager. And …?

What would you like to buy?

[color=indigo]Iy you have a need for an stitch encyclopedia, look at “Mon Tricot 1500 Pattern Encyclopedia”, published in 4 languages by Mon Tricot in 1984. Amazon has used copies in English at $84. It is a superb reference book - B&W and color photographs of stitch patterns, plus a “how-to” knitting encyclopedia.

Of course, anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann is pure gold.


Thank you!

I’ve got so many on my wishlist… :teehee:

If you’re looking for stitch patterns this one is supposed to be awesome.
220 Aran Stitches

Barbara G. Walker’s first two Treasury of Knitting Patterns books.

My first order is like this:

Favorite Socks, 25 timeless designs from Interweave
Victorian Lace today by Jane Sowerby
The celtic collection by Alice Starmore

And I am looking forward to the books arriving in my mailbox!

oh man what a question! :teehee:
i just ordered the 1st vogue stitchionary. excited for it to come. i actually have a whole list on my blog :oops: my dh thinks its wierd to want so many books on the same topic. :rofl: he is obviosly not a knitter :heart:

I just got in the mail today “Knitter’s Stash” book. Its a beauty!! I was surprised at how big and heavy it is. Has many beautiful projects in it that I plan to make. The first one I’m going to start is the Farmhouse Rug. Its adorable. I even posted for a Knit Along hoping others would join me. :cheering:

vogue has a good reference book. and i want the new harry potter pattern book coming out 5/1. woot!