What Blog Do You Prefer?

What blog site do you prefer to publish and/or browse around in and why? I got used to Blogger and then tried Wordpress but didn’t like the layout of the latter as much. Blogger seems much easier to deal with. I liked that I was able to import from Blogger to Wordpress, but can’t go the other way!!!:wall:

Any other blogging programs/sites you like that I should know about?

I did the opposite – started out with Blogger and then went to Wordpress. I guess I’m just used to it now and if I don’t know how to do something, I just spend time reading the FAQs and the help section. I have a Mac and used their blogging software for a bit (only until my free trial ran out) but Wordpress suits me fine.

I’m sure you can import back from Wordpress to Blogger – you just might have to spend some time digging around in the help section to find out how.

Sorry I can’t be of more help than that.

I use Blogger and it works for me…I’d like to DO IT ALL but now have so many networking sites to check it often takes me 2 hours a day!

I am a HUGE fan of WordPress. My personal blog is there.

I set up and maintain the West Coast Oddball blog. For that, I’m using Blogger. For some reason, Blogger worked better for what I needed to do; however, I’ve found it somewhat limiting.

I really like being able to have a lot of control over the layout. I have that with WordPress. With Blogger, you have to go around the world and back to get things just so.

Plus, with WordPress, you have more tools available on the management side…a stats page to see how many hits you’re getting…stuff like that.

I’m pretty happy with blogspot.

I wanted to throw out one other idea.

Yesterday, I was playing around with Shutterfly. I’ve been using it to share soccer pictures with my teenagers’ high school parents, and last weekend, I discovered that you could create a site…much like a blog or web page…to more easily display your pictures.

Yesterday I discovered that you can add various sections of all types and move them around wherever you want. I used the “journal” type of section to allow myself to add announcements.

You can also upload files for others to download. So, if you have the site for family, you could share an Excel spreadsheet with your address book (say for Christmas cards or something), or you could share a Word document. I posted our soccer teams’ schedules. Very handy.

It’s really cool because you can directly link pictures from albums you’ve created on Shutterfly.

Pretty cool thing for being free!

Anyhow, I just thought I would throw that out.

It’s nice to know there’s competition out there, that will only improve all the blog sites.

I use Blogger for all 3 of my blogs and Google for my webpage.