What bind off should I use?

I am ready to bind off on a shawl I made in a very light weight Alpaca. I used size US10 needles ,following the Diagonal Dish Cloth pattern. It’s a very light and airy shawl.

I’ve been looking at all the different ways to bind off,but I don’t know what one to use for this project.
Also, I am at 221 sts across now , Someone suggested stopping at 250 ,does that sound right?
I would greatly appreciate and thoughts and tips.:waving:

I would prolly just work a basic knit bind off since you don’t have a pattern. You might want to go up a size in your needle though if the bind off looks like it will be to tight.

You may try the suspended bind offand see if that works too :thumbsup:

When to stop depends on how large you want it. When you get to 250 sts you can put part of them on a piece of yarn or other needle to stretch it out and measure it or try it on. You definitely want to use a larger needle to BO with like an 11, or try the BO dustinac suggested.

One more question on this topic.Should I block this when I am finished?

Depends on the yarn and how you feel about it. If it’s acrylic, just wash and dry it. If it’s woolish and you want it more stretched out and open, then wet it and block it out.