What ball winder do you have?

I want a ball winder–anyone wanna share what they have or what they like best? TIA!

I have the Royal–the blue and white one you see almost everywhere. Love it! That’s all I can say–no complaints at all.

Where did you get it–I haven’t seen them at the LCS and there isn’t a LYS for 25 miles–I’m sure I could find them online somewhere…ebay maybe?

I don’t remember where I got mine. They’re available everywhere on line, pretty much. Lots of people use coupons and codes to Joanns. I’m sure they’ll chime in.

joann.com has it. i got my swift from them and was waiting to take advantage of another coupon before getting the winder. I ended up getting the winder from my LYS though cuz it was only like $2 more than to have it shipped. but i would say that joann is a good choice (i have never seen one in the joann stores at all)

i love mine too…excellent choice!

IS there a ball winder that is NOT a Royal??

The one I was given for Christmas is the Royal; came from JoAnn’s via my Amazon wish list.

MyDH and my racing partner were instructing me on using it last night and began discussing whether it should have a different gear so that you’d get more turns of the ball per turn of the handle … and comparing what they conspired to get me versus the one we saw at the LYS. :rollseyes:

But despite their musings, the fact is it is perfectly adequate. I suppose I should just be glad they got me one! :wink:

I’m on Joann’s site and I only see this one–it’s not blue, it’s red. Is it the same?

It’s not the same, but it’s very, very similar.

how do you get the joanns coupon? Is it online–does it come in the paper or do they email it to you? I usually use Michael’s coupons but they can’t be used online and Michael’s doesn’t appear to carry yarn winders. Hobby lobby sometimes has 40% off coupons that can be used for anything but they don’t appear to carry them either and you can’t shop online. I’d buy it w/ a coupon for sure–I just don’t know where to get it from.

They just have promotions on site as far as I know. Some people get the coupons from another website which contains coupons for websites everywhere. There’s another one here maybe a page back where I asked what to get with a 30 dollar gift card for joanns and someone posted a coupon code there for me.

Someone here was kind enough to share this


Thanks–I just bought it using the coupon code I got! WOOHOO!!! I’ll have to thank my sil–I used the money she gave me for Christmas!

:cheering: :cheering:

geeze Ingrid…I rarely meet a person who responds to post as quickly as I do…everytime I refresh…you’ve responded! It’s so nice to have someone read my posts…awwww… :heart:

I know–it’s an obsession as bad as knitting. :oops:

Got a silly newbie questions, what’s the benefit of a ball winder? :?? I got one of those at home too, it’s call ‘hubby’.


Sometimes ‘hubby’ isn’t around. :roflhard: I like it because it winds a center-pull ball that’s flat on the top and bottom. It also winds looser than hand-wound, and I’ve read that this keeps the yarn from getting stretched. I don’t know if that’s a really big issue, though, because people have been hand-winding balls for generations.

Plus it’s fun. :wink:

It’s fun? No! It’s a PITA, especially if you dont’ have anyone to help you. Ball winder - knitters best friend.

That’s what I meant. Using the ball winder is fun! The grandsons fight to see who gets a turn.