What awaited us this morning

10 inches.

It is supposed to be SPRING. lol

Oh, but just think of all the moisture you’re getting! Wish we had some of it here in Texas.

Spring’s there; it’s just hidden under all the snow!

There is green grass buried under it. Lol

They say we might get 6" more, tonight and tomorrow. :open_mouth:

BRRRRR!!! We had some hail the other day. Nothing like that though.

Soooooo pretty though! I wish we’d even get some rain!

In December it’s lovely. In January and February its expected.

In APRIL it’s just another S word! Boo! Hiss!!:ick:

Ten inches with the possibility of 6 more? Wow, will you ever be glad to see the first daffodils and crocuses! Hope that happens soon.

It’s snowing again…there was ice on the van this morning. Freezing rain = ew. Denver was a skating rink (not here in the burbs though neener neener.)