What are your go-to baby shower projects?

I have baby showers coming up in October and need to step to it. What do you like to knit for babies as shower gifts? (boy, girl and unisex- since one of them isn’t finding out!)

I just finished up the bunny blanket buddy found here:

but I used cotton yarn so it is just about 9" tall – more of a toy size than blanket size.

I also just made a baby hat using this preemie pattern:

but I made a little bigger by using a bigger needle and I added one row of ribbing and one row of plain knit to make it a little taller, since the baby I made it for wasn’t preemie-sized.

Both of these were fast and fun projects.

I hope you get some good suggestions!

I’lve made the bunny buddy many times. Use any yarn and appropriate needle size.

I’ve also made these:

Wow, I love that OpArt Blanket, Marilyn!! I’ve never seen it before! Did it take long to make?

I make matching hat, socks, and mitts. I like these mits because you can keep them from flying off their hands:


I use this sock pattern:


There are tons of baby hats out there.

It seemed like it took forever! but in reality not really. I made it in a bright yellow and purple. You start in the center and work out, by the last few color bands, it felt like I was knitting forever and a day before getting to the next color change.

I make baby washcloths using Bernat Cotton Tots. I just find cute washcloth patterns and go from there. I put all the washclothes together in a nice basket that has baby wash, powder, diaper rash cream, etc. :slight_smile:

I too am a big fan of the Lion Brand bunny buddy. I make mine from Caron SS or Berocco Comfort. Whatever I make, I always attach a note stating that it is washable/dryable. Babies sure can make messes and I am always afraid people will think b/c it is hand knit they cannot wash it.

If I know the person really well and know they will appreciate it - I make a stroller blanket as well.

I also love the little cupcake hat. You can change it up so many ways. If you’re on Ravelry, check out all the variations.

I haven’t knitted one yet. All my baby shower items have been crocheted. Faster to do and I think are very nice. I do plan on doing some knitted for my future grandchild box as I have the time and it isn’t like I need it next week!

I have made a pair of these for every baby i know or know is comming…i even have a few on “standby” lol I love them because they are quick and they dont come off babys feet.

LOVE the lb blanket buddy!!!

Why not the 5 hour sweater? that was the first sweater i ever made. (its all downhill from there lol) btw: if you can get it done in 5 hours?? :woot:

I also like the baby sleep sacs…they are a really long dress with drawstring at the bottom. Moms love them, easy access come diaper changing time. “Pipsquek Knits” has a pattern i have done.

good luck!!

This is by far my favorite. So easy to whip up…I can usually get it done during two nights of TV.


I am currently working on my 1st ever baby gift for my SIL, Debbie Bliss’s Garter Stitch blanket from her Baby Knits for Beginners book



I’ve done a couple of baby things because I discovered I like knitting for babies lol.

I’ve made the booties and the mitts from this
I made this

and this

but somehow my sweater turned into a kimono because I lost count somehwere…it was okay though didn’t look that bad and the only one that knew that messed it up was me and you guys lol.

I’m gonna make more baby stuff for someone that wants a mystery baby and I’m thinkin about making the bunny buddy

Sorry - have to ask - what is a mystery baby???


mystery baby - I’m guessing it when the parents have decided not to find out the sex of the baby before s/he’s born.

I have also make the Lion Brand Bunny Buddy for over a dozen or more babies. I use the Red Heart Clouds for this pattern. Turns out really nice since it only takes 1 skein for solid color & 1.5 skein for the varigated colors. I also crochet up a quick blanket as part of my gifts.