What are your favorite

knitting needles? I have 2 boye cir needles one straight just because this was the brand walmart carried and I didn’t know it I could knit or not. I also have a pair of plymouth bamboo double pointed needles that I bought from an out of town lys. I want to add to my collection but don’t know what to get. I’m looking at the denise kit but not to sure about it. I’m kinda liking the wooden needles I’m using cause it has a little more grip that the boyes. I don’t really know any other brands other than susan bates (because I crochet and like their hooks) boye and denise. What are some other brands I chould purchase and try??

knitpicks has recently put out harmony wood interchangable circular needles that look sooo cool and come highly recommended by alot of guys on here, probably good if you prefer wood needles. I quite like my aluminium ones personally - if I had wooden ones I’d probably snap them!

Just to be clear, I don’t think anybody has actually received the Harmony needles from Knit Picks yet (though probably very soon i would think) because they just came out last week. They look gorgeous though! :thumbsup:

There is a lot of chat about the interchangeable sets on one of the stickies on here. I would definitely check that thread out. Everybody has different opinions because what works for me doesn’t work for them and on and on of course. I personally like the knit picks metal needles a LOT…I don’t know what would make me change to a different needle at this point, and i have been through most of the interchangeable sets. I could go back to the other brands if i had to, but i would be mad about it. :wink:

:teehee: oops, meant the knitpicks interchangeables came recommended, not the harmonies yet… sorry!

I like the bamboo needles best. I found a circ bamboo, and I have the shorter length bamboo in size 10 and the longer sized bamboo in size 6

Addi Turbos
KnitPicks Options
Coated Inox

I have complete sets of all of these and I love all of them equally

I have quite a few Boye’s and the Susan Bates “Silvalume”. I love them both. The Susan Bates cord is less stiff than on the Boye’s. They are pointy enough for regular knitting. I don’t knit lace or anything “fiddley” like that. I do love my size 2 &3 Boye dpn’s for socks.

Two years ago I would have said bamboo everytime. Ever since I delved in and bought the KP Options I rarely use my bamboo needles! I LOVE them. They are smooth, have a smooth join and are very quick!

Addi Turbos (metal and bamboo) and Lantern Moons