What are your favorite free PDF file patterns?

Okay, I used to have a lot of PDF files on my boyfriend’s computer…well that harddrive crashed a while back and I want to build my pdf repetoire again and actually burn a CD this time (I told him to burn me a CD of my files at his house TWO days before it crashed…even gave a CD to him and he didn’t do it…They are still salvagable but it would take a whole day of taking the new harddrive out and putting the old one back in and fiddling with it.)

So… what are your favorite PDF knitting patterns? I remember that I had some weird looking ones that were socks with no toes, I had an indian inspired tank top, some celtic pillows, a monk’s bag and some more stuff. I have no idea where to find these though … So, let me find out yours and see if they are to my liking :slight_smile: :happydance:


This is the most comprehensive site I know of. But I can honestly say I don’t know the difference between an PDF file and a manila file!

A PDF file isn’t a plain old text file that you read in Notepad or Wordpad or HTML… it’s just the formatting. You have to have the program Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

ooh, I found the search bar and I went crazy! they labeled PDF files with asteriks :shock: So I found all the pdf files that I remembered from before…most were from interweave knits! Thanks!

And everybody else, if you still have anything to offer up, please do! I love knitting patterns…

I think it was Interweave … I found a pattern for a knitted wedding dress that is just gawjus - almost makes me wanna get married again… and it would convert well to a flowing peasant-style dress or skirt, too… I don’t recall the link, but I do have it downloaded if you’d like me to send it to you…
Also check out freepatterns.com, almost all of their patterns are PDF, and they have crochet, quilting and craft stuff too.