What are your Christmas plans knitting-wise?

I’m knitting a lot of gifts this year (mostly hats, with an occasional scarf) and I wondered who else is knitting gifts. If you are, what and for whom? Here’s my list:
[B]Hats[/B], all different types and colors: 3 brothers, 1 (maybe 2) sisters, 1 SIL.
[B]Scarf: [/B]SIL
[B]Fingerless gloves[/B]: Mom
[B]Purse[/B]: The maybe sister - haven’t decided between a purse or hat for her.
[B]Animals[/B]: Niece and nephew
[B]Felted potholders:[/B] Grandma

I was a little more ambitious, was going to make some booga bags and maybe a shrug, but had to downsize cause we are now buying a house and moving and I’m afraid I’ll run out of time.:cheering:

I’m making a blanket for my almost 2 year old nephew, which I’ve yet to get started, eep. Otherwise, armwarmers and hats.

Fi xx

Here’s my list

Cabled Sweater for my Aunt. No problem!

2 pairs of socks (Good as gold)

Finish a crocheted afghan. It should only take about 20 minutes if I buckle down and get it done.

This is my list:

Purses for sis and sil; 1 mosaic and one that I started said intarsia but the pattern talks about carrying a strand.

I also am amking shawls for the moms. Not certain about a pattern yet but I think it should be dk weight so that it doesn’t take me a hundred years.

A set of fiber trend clogs for the dads.

fingerless gloves for my niece.

I haven’t figured out my kids yet and I always make something for them although this will be my first year knitting for them.

I think if I knit like a maniac for the next few months that I will make it.

finishing one son’s sweater, making a shawl for mom…

a scarf for each of my sisters from Victorian Lace Today – I finished one last night except for weaving in some ends and blocking. I really enjoy lace as I like the variety in the different rows but making a mistake is a huge pain.

I can’t be too ambitious, now that I realize how little knitting I get done during the weekday since school has started, so it’s a good thing I have a couple gifts already finished.

Mystery Stole 3: my mom
Fun fur (:ick:) scarf: aunt
Mittens (that probably won’t get worn): grandma
Socks: 3 family friends
I need to find something to make for my dad, I think. I have no idea what, though.

as of right now (this could change several times between now and december :teehee:):

rosalindfor dad
knucksfor brother, mom (?)
rainy day scarffor mom (possibly hand-dyed)
palindromefor grandfather
still trying to decide for grandmother (hoping for something lacey)

knucks, squatty sidekick, 2 hats for friends

that’s assuming i can afford all the yarn. KP here i come!!!


So what do you make for a guy - or 4 - who don’t wear scarves or hats or fingerless gloves?

So far “Barbie” clothes for my niece… but I have not started yet.


two Iris (Knitty) tops I’m adjusting for my younger sisters, no idea yet for my mum. maybe a smock dress…

Scarves and hats in team colors for my 3 nephews, nephew-in-law and brother-in-law to be. I thought about berets and scarves for sister, mom, niece-in-law, dil and niece. I was making grandkids sweaters, but probably will not have enough time. So I’m thinking I need to rethink a lot of things. None of it will probably be worn, my family is the type that if it’s not bought at a store, it’s junk.

None of it will probably be worn, my family is the type that if it’s not bought at a store, it’s junk.

We all end up with some family who see things that way. Sometimes I wonder if my family realize that it is the thought not the gift that counts, and creating your own is a lot more thoughtful than running to the store and buying the first thing you see that happens to be “a good deal”

My sister is notorious for her impractical, unusable store bought gifts that usually end up stored in a closet or given away. One year she bought fancy spangle evening bags for my daughters, as if they were heading to some fancy prom. The problem? They were 7 and 9 years of age - LOL.

I’m kind of debating this one still. First I haven’t the skills yet to do some of these projects. Second, my family is all over the place, and in various climates. Sending winter type gear to FL isn’t exactly sensible LOL so winter scarves are out.

I would like to find a good trivet knitting pattern for my MIL. She plays hostess way too often and her number of trivets has depleted mostly they are just so old they are falling apart or breaking, etc. I’d like to make 2 or 3 to match her kitchen and the same number to match her dining room as she uses both consistently.

Beyond that I am rather stumped but I’ll keep skimming through patterns for other ideas. The only “men” I have to do anything for is my DH and son in law, both my father 4yrs and FIL 11yrs passed away quite a while ago.

Well, I’m working on my DD’s sweater at the moment. I’ve just finished knitting DS’s sweater but have to seam it up.

The kids requested sweaters because Ron and Harry get the for Christmas, so they need them too. lol!

Then I want to knit my cable vest sooner than later. Plus two more for myself.

These are all ‘Christmas’ presents, but will likely be put into use right away. We are big on practical gifts in my family and on just giving whenever the gift is ready. We do wrap them up for giving on Christmas Day. It is kind of fun because we don’t label so you don’t know ‘what you’re getting.’ lol!

Then I’ve knitted my baby nephew a sweater.

I’ve got 2 more nephews and 3 nieces so I’m thinking of knitting up Bobbie bears for them.

And the DH’s monster elephant socks. Those will take a long enough time!

So… its going well, I’ve got 3 of the list basically knit up, 2 knit, and 1 completely finished :slight_smile:

stirsmommy, what mosaic pattern are you using for the bag? Is it felted?

this is why i adore my adoptive family. a LOT of them are crafters (crochet, sewing, woodworking, etc) and they fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into handmade gifts. The wife of the head of our tribe went and told me saturday that the afghan i made for them LAST december is displayed on their couch and everyone says how cuddly it looks and she tells them that it is :slight_smile:

Right now i’m trying to figure out how i want to do a border and graph for the shawl for mom. I want to put a rune on it using the silvery chenille thick and quick (since i’m making it in monarch)

I am using Thorne’s Market Bag that I got at WEBS. It is felted and yet still really big. I actually wanted to start on it first because it looks easy after reading the pattern but I haven’t gotten the yarn for it yet.

I’m making fingerless mittens for my daughters and maybe a purse.

There’s so many wonderful ideas here!

I am making a scarf for my mother, father, and grandmother. I’m not really sure if my father will wear the scarf (very hot-natured) but I was thinking he might when he rides his motorcycle on a cool day.

Was also thinking of making fingerless gloves for my mother to match her scarf. I’m just not sure but I better decide because I’m probably the slowest knitter on the forum.

I asked my sister if my niece would be interested in a Harry Potter scarf, but no answer yet. I have NO IDEA what I could possibly make for my nephew, who’s 12, and I don’t like the idea of making something for her and not him. :??