What are you reading?


My husband just finished the book in record time, a real page-turner. He liked it.


I agree! I read the book before the movie, too.


Confessions by Jaume Cabre, don’t get discouraged at the beginning it gets better with time :slight_smile:


I can’t fall asleep without reading and I’ve been a role lately swapping books with a little thrift shop near our house

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb (not really my thing)

Far From Madding Crowd - Thomas Hardy (I LOVED this book. My husband rented the movie after I finished it and it’s not as good.)

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand - Helen Siminson (slow to get going and overall just not that great - sort of life time movielike in the end)

Girl In Translation - Jean Kwok (really liked this one - it was an easy read and kept my interest)

Right now I am reading The Witches - about the Salem witch trials. It is considered historical but not sure it if qualifies as non-fiction. It is rather tedius and not too well organized right now - hoping it comes together soon b/c it’s a long one.


Right now I’m reading a nutritional book so probably not interesting to anyone else. Haha

Keto-Adapted by Maria Emmerich.


I’m reading Chris Packham ‘s autobiography Fingers in the Sparkle Jar and also about to start one about 2 ladies who rode their motorbike across Africa in the 30s. As I do a lot of driving I’m also listening to the audio versions of Terry Brooks’ Shannara series which I’ve read several times.


The ladies motorbiking across Africa sounds intriguing. It reminds me of a book I enjoyed about a woman in 1871 who rode horseback alone through the Colorado Rockies. “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” by Isabella Bird.


That sounds interesting - think i’ll have a look for that one. My OH bought me the motorbiking one - we own several each. Our latest acquisition is a 1950 BSA - we’ve named her Peggy after a lady called Peggy Thomas who had the same type and rode her all over the Americas just after the war - she had her Airedale Terrier riding pillion on the back in a box and other such things including a typewriter! Matelot (the dog) would jump out of the box and run alongside when he got bored - bearing in mind i got mine up to 40mph the other day (considerably slower than my sportsbike!) it’s hardly surprising. That book is called A Ride in the Sun - Gasoline gypsey.


Thought I’d check out this thread and I fell right on a book that I think I’ll love. I ordered a whole bunch in this series. :clink:


I haven’t read much of anything serious in years, but this intrigued me. I went to read the reviews. The book sounds fascinating and the writing style also. Thanks! I’m pretty sure I’ll be reading Confessions.


‘Songs of Enchantment’ by Ben Okri. Bit disappointing actually - Okri was the 1991 Booker Prize Winner so I was expecting to be blown away but not really enjoying the book very much - perhaps because it’s a sequel and I haven’t read the first one?

Also dipping into some haikus, some Japanese short stories and some travel writing collections by Jan Morris.


I was reading Fingers in the Sparkle Jar - an autobiography of Chris Packham who’s a wildlife guy here in the UK but it was so badly written I’ve given up and taken it back to the library. I’m now reading a fascinating book called Octavia Daughter of the Messiah. It’s really interesting get and is about The Panacea Society who were a religious community in Bedford started just after WW1


I always read the first in the series first. That’s where they introduce characters and story line.


I just finished Vinegar Girl, the new Anne Tyler. It’s an update on The Taming of the Shrew and lots of fun. Short and sweet.


the train to crystal city- I was unaware this was going on during world war two this camp was in texas




:joy: Thanks for the heads up!