What are you reading?


Sihpromatum was very good! It’s not the normal travel guide type book. It’s a memoir of a 14 yr old girls trip around the world. The first book of the series is China and Mongolia. If you do kindle get a sample first and you can read a bit.


I just started reading the 8th book of the Outlander series by Diana Galbalden. It’s called “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood”


I’m reading that one too! I’m enjoying it very much so far. I’m also listening to Drums of Autumn (book 4) in the car but they are far enough apart (and I’ve read it enough times) that it isn’t confusing.


It’s been 5yrs since the last book, but maybe two since I read An Echo in the Bone. There’s been a few things and characters I haven’t been sure about, but I read the timeline on her website which helped clear it up.


I just finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman. It isn’t a long book. On the surface it’s an easy book to read but I think it is one that would make a great book club book. I am honestly not sure if I liked it - sort of fantasy…odd, not what I would usually read. Two of the local librarians recommended it.


Recent Reads:
9 stories - j.d. salinger
white teeth - zadie smith
everything by banana yoshimoto (asleep, goodbye tsugumi, etc)
solaris - stanislaw lem
the next 100 years - george friedman
11 who dared - hermann & dorothea hagedorn
brethren - robyn young
the hunter - julia leigh (so i could watch the movie)
unknown - didier van cauwelaert (so i could watch the movie)
how to live safely in a science fictional universe - charles yu
maryann in autumn - armistead maupin (to finally finish out the ‘tales of the city’ series)
farewell to manzanar - jeanne wakatsuki houston
the carpathians - janet frame
squandering the blue - kate braverman
silenced - nicole givens kurtz
the shadow of the wind - carlos ruiz zafon (hated it, so snoozefesty. took about a year to chip away at it)
a train to potevka - mike ramsdel

currently slogging through “into the blue” by robert goddard. he’s got a ton of books. this one suspiciously has no amazon description and few reviews, and is out of print… because it sucks. but i will not give up, not when i only have 100 pages left.


Thank you for mentioning this book. I found it for my Kindle at the library after reading your post. Good book IMO. A very interesting play on using wormholes. Now I’m nearing the end of Dr. Sleep which more than one person mentioned. Another good read and IMO some of Mr. King’s better writing. I’ve always thought he was a good story teller though I found his writing less than wonderful. I’ve read some very well written things he’s done however so I know he’s quite capable of it. I tend to think his books and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books editors would be a winning combination. Yes, I read everything he writes that I can get my hands on. His stories have something rather compelling about them, for me.


I just yesterday finished rereading [I]Under The Dome[/I]. Stephen King, John Grisham and Nora Roberts are my absolute favorite authors.


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“2”]I just finished re-reading: The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory.
I am currently reading 3 books at the moment.

Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Uglies by Scott Westerfield
Matched by Ally Condie

However they have all fallen short of my expectations.
If you make it half way through a book & you’re still not overly interested. It’s time to pick up something else.

After I figure out what exactly I’m doing with those 3, I will be moving on to:
The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir and
The Last Empress by Anchee Min


but i can’t! i’m OCD like that… once i start it, i have to finish it, if for no other reason than so i know just how bad it was…

it’s like the weather… my mom has a habit, that she passed down to me, of checking the weather regularly (obsessively?) on yucky hot days… ‘so we know how miserable we are’… lol… :slight_smile: books are the same way, especially in this age of mass-market and self-published everything…


I’m rereading the Outlander series now that the TV show has started. I’m on the second book right now.


finally finished that awful ‘into the blue’ by robert goddard. and then found out i’m in the 1% of critics and readers who hated it. and that there was a mid-90s miniseries of it. oh well…

next 4 on the nightstand are:

11 days in december: christmas at the bulge, 1944 (because i love love love me some european ww2 history)

made in hanford: the bomb that changed the world (again, ww2 history, plus it’s close to home)

conversations with god: an uncommon dialogue, books 1 & 2 (and didn’t know it was up to 9 books in the series, tho just the first 3 are considered the big reads. guess i have to get #3 from the library when i’ve caught up)

and so many more after that, just waiting…


Another random book suggested by my local librarian…Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. It was an interesting book, historical in nature, short and easy to read.
This is the translation I read

I also picked up The Reliable Wife by Goolrick at our library paperback exchange. It was a little different but I really enjoyed reading it.


i’m about to start reading dr sleep by stephen king


I’m reading one of the Maisie Dobbs mysteries. Really like this character and the period-England between the wars.


I like the Maisie Dobbs series, too. The author, Jacqueline Winspear, has a new stand alone apparently about World War I.


Back on Murder (A Roland March Mystery Book #1) by J. Mark Berterand
This book is actually keeping my interest. It’s about a detective in Houston who basically crashed his career and is trying to get back on track but there’s something more going on and I can hardly wait to find out what it is. Have I guessed right? I got it as a free Kindle d/l. Oftentimes free d/l books are almost worth the price. This one I’m really enjoying. I’m not constantly wanting a red pencil to correct typos and grammar errors that make me :gah: .

(I’ve looked at this and made a couple corrections before posting. Find the ones I missed and we can :rofl: together.


Happy Autumn! I started “All the Light we Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr this morning. I love the way the words paint pictures in my mind. Excellent so far!


I just got Outlander on my Kindle. There was a list of holds a mile long. I forgot I’d put a hold on it! I think I’ll start reading it tonight.


I just finished the 8th book in the Outlander series. I read a lot. :teehee: This was the second reading of the series and I’m watching the show on TV, too. Can you tell I like it? :thumbsup:

On my Kindle though I’m rereading "Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It by Gary Taubes. Needed a refresher.