What Are You Doing for New Year's?

I will be by myself this year. Dd and dh are at a soccer tournament. Boarding our animals has gotten very costly as the clan has grown, so I decided to stay home with them. My son will be going to a youth lock-in. So, I’m going to do the New Year’s Eve KAL.

What about you?

I’m learning how to knit. So far I am not sure if I like it much. Hannah my neighbor wanted to learn something new. Tennis would be nice. Only kidding I think I will be in a pile of yarn on New years possibly tossing it out the window.

Awwww…keep with it. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but when you get your first project done, you’ll be so proud of yourself!

We have kind of an odd tradition. We spend the week of Christmas and the week of New Year’s at our place in Tennessee. The town here has one of those ball drop things and subsequent fireworks and the whole town is full of people. We avoid it, get some food we like to eat but wouldn’t normally buy because it’s bad for us, watch the ball drop and fireworks from our balcony 2000 ft above the town. At the stoke of midnight I bring out the conch horn and blow a few good honks and us and the people across the valley who we have never met and only hear from on New Year’s exchange pleasantries and good tidings across the valley for a few minutes. :balloons:

I’ll be home with my DS and DH trying very hard not get in an argument with my DH. I swear it has happened for the past 3 years. Maybe I’ll go to sleep very early.

I am lucky to have a group of friends that live close in the neighborhood (a couple of blocks apart)… so as we have done for many years, we will walk across the street, everyone brings an appetizer… then we will spend the evening eating, drinking and visiting with those that are the closest to us in our day to day lives…

No way I will be in the streets driving… And we also know our friends make it home safe… I have given strict instructions to my son (18) that NO MATTER where he goes, he is NOT to leave… we had major discussion this afternoon… We will have more before Monday, I can promise!
[I][B]I wish you all a New Year filled with love, friendship, prosperity, peace and health!![/B][/I][/COLOR]

My DH will be working and my Mom is here visiting. So Mom and I will be hanging out here or maybe going next door to indulge and have good conversation with the neighbors.

I’ll probably be spending it quietly at home unless dispatch just happens to find me a load Monday (which I doubt).

We will be doing the same as every year. Go to sleep around 9pm. We will be awake at midnight because in this very tiny town in North Florida there is a neighborhood who believes that midnight is the time to bring out the guns and start shooting at the stars. lol Happens every New Years eve. Happy New Year everyone.

I’ll be at work from 3p-11p, and will hopefully be home before the stroke of midnight. My fear is being on the road with the drunks and idiots driving like mad men to get wherever they want to be before midnight.
New Year’s is just another night to us. At least this year because I’ll be working, I’ll be up at midnight and might even be able to give my husband a new year’s kiss!

We’ll stay home and watch movies and play games. I’m hoping for some knitting time! I’ll make something good to eat, and we’ll just stay in.