What Are You Afraid of?

I’m afraid of sewing things together. My sewing skills suck. So…

Otherwise, not too unwilling to try whatever. Maybe intarsia because of the yarn tangle that could result.
And big projects. Since I tend to get bored easily.

It’s only knitting. What is to be afraid of? No one will die if you make a mistake, you won’t get fired, and the very worst thing that could happen is that you rip the whole thing out and start over. Frustrating, yes, but you are supposed to like knitting so turn your mind around and think , “Yeah, I get to knit some more!” There a few things I haven’t tried because I I’m not interested or because directions make no sense. But if I want to make something and want to learn a technique I just practice a swatch, if it seems needed, and just follow the directions and go!

I do recommend practicing steeks, possibly a few times before you do one the first time on a garment. Also practice various ways of securing the steek and practice picking up the stitches for the edge so you will know how to make it tidy.

my favorite line from “The Knitting Circle”:

“It’s only knitting, not rocket science.”

my mantra when a pattern’s giving me grief…

I get a bit nervous about trying new techniques, but usually find that once you jump and and just do it, they aren’t as scary as you thought they would be!

I just finished my first fair isle project and it came out really nice - so, I’m not afraid of that anymore.

I’ve done socks toe-up with 2 circs, but I prefer dpns, so I’ll stick to that. Besides, I don’t like the heel with toe-up socks. Just my preference.

I’m afraid of bobbles (intarsia), but I’m sure I’ll try it at some point.

I’m also afraid of sweaters. I’ve done one, but I’m not sure I’d do another. Takes too long.

The only way to learn is to do it. If all else fails, make sure whatever yarn you buy is something you love so that you can make it into something else should the first project go belly-up!

I am not afraid of anything really, I just hate seaming. I’m not that good at it. But if I do it really really slowly it works :wink:

I LOVE magic loop! I was afraid of it at first and now I am just thrilled with it.

I want to learn to do socks on two circs and double knitting - those are my next big things :slight_smile:

I’m really wanting to knit some wool longies for our son but I’m nervous for some reason!

I was really afraid of cables until I tried it. Still afraid of the more intricate ones. I’m also afraid of patterns that say “no stitch needed” or something like that. What does that mean?!!

I was going to quote, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Woodi beat me to it.

Just TRY the thing you don’t think you could do, you’ll surprise yourself.

I’m a clutsy knitter. Knitting math throws me, I lose stitches, my hands cramp due to rheumatoid arthritis; but I keep at it, bit by bit.

Evan, don’t know where you live in Portland, but go to Yarn Garden. Not only do they have great yarns, but they have wonderful clerks (including a few guys!) who will help you over the rough spots.

Thanks Deb!!! I’ve found that the Portland knitting scene is just AMAZING!!! I’m trying to find a group to get with, but I’m kinda nervous about just jumping in… I know it’s silly, but as social as I am I still have that feeling ;o)

I was JUST near Yarn Garden the other night (we finally stopped in to Doug Fir just to be horribly dissapointed… although that’s for another topic) … but I was sad I didn’t realize how close I was!!! This weekend I’ll likely make the trip there :oD

I wouldn’t say I’m afraid to do things but more nervous about my patience. I’ve just this year (after knitting for 40 yrs) to do in the round and I’ve tackled socks this year. I’m now addicted to socks…
I’ve learned how to do beaded knitting as well.

What I find is that I have to realize and acknowledge that I don’t know the technique so expect to make mistakes and have to frog. It takes a lot of the fear out of trying something new. Instead of dreading it, I think of it as an adventure. I’ve also noticed that the more I learn and try, the easier it is to try the next thing.

The closest to a fear in knitting for me is steeks. There is just something so wrong about taking scissors and cutting holes in your knitting. Maybe someday.
I have messed up so many things over the years, been disappointed in fit on some sweaters which I wore anyway and have since frogged. I realized I shouldn’t knit any pattern that doesn’t show the whole item clearly. I’ve knit sweaters only to find out that there was a reason the model was sitting all curled up with the sleeves pushed up her arms.

One thing i try to do is when I go through patterns and find one for something i’m in the mood to knit in general, I try to find one that forces me to learn at least 1 new thing. Then I take the pattern line by line and it ends up being fairly easy.

I have done socks with 2 circulars, and it is not particularly difficult–IF you have 2 different colors of needles. Then you know you are always to work with the one color needle at a time. linknit41


Be fearless in your knitting!

Do you mean like a grayed out or white area on a chart with “no stitch”? That usually means that the stitch was already decreased on the row before so it isn’t there anymore for you to work anyway. You should have the same # of charted stitches as stitches in the row. It’s one of those things that’s easier when you’re in the middle of it than when you’re thinking about it before you start.

I am scared to death to keep going on the pair of fingerless gloves I have started. I finished the ribbing on the first one, and now I’m so scared I haven’t worked on it in about two weeks. I have a friend who is going to help me, though, so it shouldn’t take me too too long to get over that fear.

I’m also really scared to learn how to do socks. I just bought the most beautiful sock yarn imaginable (Colinette’s Jitterbug merino in colorway Florentina, absolutely delectable), but I’m nervous about using size 3 DPNs, and the HEEL. Scary McScarypants.

Steeking is something I’ve only recently heard of, yet I’m so leary of it. If I understand correctly you knit something in the round, then cut holes for arms or anthing else you want. I may experiment with hand warmers, but I’ll need someone to show me how (to hold my hand while I do it!).

Steeking. Taking scissors to something I’ve pretty much finished? I don’t think so.

Oh God. What sick twisted bastard thought of this technique.