What Are You Afraid of?

Is there any knitting technique that you would love to try but are afraid of? How come?

I would love to do two needle socks but just can’t seem to wrap my head around how to knit in the round with just two circs…so totally afraid I’d mess it up. Also afraid of needing to buy a lot more needles if it worked!

I am also afraid of color knitting- again cuz of messing up and getting into some tangled mess. But there have been some nice sweater designs using color changes, etc, that have been tempting me!

I am afraid of magic loop knitting (athough Zina says she could cure me). I am afraid of buying expensive yarn then going off the pattern I bought it for. I’m afraid of my kids getting their hands on my knitting and pulling out the needle - again.

I am really afraid that my SIL wil not like the baby blanket I am making her

Oh and I’m not keen on the dark, ghosts or beards.


I don’t think I’m really afraid to do anything, but I am leery of making garments that have to be seamed. I’d hate to go to all that work and then have my seams, especially the sleeves, suck!

As for color knitting…do something small like baby hat the first time. That’s how I learned.

Socks on two circs…that’s how I do socks. It’s actually pretty easy, easier than DPNs because you don’t have to worry about ladders at the joins. :thumbsup:

Honestly, I’m not really afraid of anything anymore…I used to be terrified of using DPNs and that was part of the reason I swore I’d never make socks, but, once I finally broke down and tried it, it was so easy, and, I quite enjoy working with them. Even more so than working with only 2 needles! However, there are things I just don’t feel like learning…lol…Like any other cast on than the long tail cast on I’ve always done, or, knitting socks with 2 circs or magic loop…I know how to do them on DPNs so I don’t really feel like learning how to make socks another way…lol…I may want to, at some point in time, but not now…When I first started knitting I was afraid of a lot of things like doing charts, color changes, circulars, pretty much anything that involved anything with more than 1 yarn color and 2 straight needles…Well, that left me awfully limited (and bored…lol) so I finally just got over my fears and decided to try new things…I figured hey, if I taught myself to knit by watching videos on here and reading a book, I can learn whatever I want! The most important thing is to remember you’re not going to get in trouble if you mess something up, just keep trying til ya get it right.

I’m only afraid of spiders and heights. :slight_smile:

P.S. I totally could teach you Magic Loop so fast your head would spin. Really. :slight_smile: Surely there’s someone knitterly near you who can show you?

Entrelac and Fair Isle knitting. Yeah, and socks, too. :pout:

It’s only yarn. It’s not scary! If you mess it up…just frog it and start again!

However, I did just buy yarn for my first sweater…and I’m a little nervous about starting. :wink:

double knitting (which i’ll tackle after the first of the year… i’m way too busy right now with holiday gifts…)

And of the afghan that I’m knitting (tree of life) going the same way as a crocheted one i made… namely the dogs got ahold of it a few years after i’d made it and put a huge hole in it (the recipient of said afghan was highly upset and i couldn’t fix it because they’d cut the yarn and I didn’t have any leftovers from that one)… if this one gets ruined, i don’t knit for them again. period.

and i’m afraid of my kids by birth turning out the same way as their oldest stepbrother and oldest half brother… lazy and uninterested in doing anything with their lives (stepbrother never graduated high school, half brother flunked out of college and thinks that he’ll be able to move forward in life working part time jobs off and on… we’re moving and he’s not moving with us so he’ll be sinking or swimming on his own after the end of this month).

but what will be, will be…

I really want to either start a large project (like a tweed peacoat) or learn to do lace… but the thought of both scares me quite a bit!

I’m a newbie and pretty much afraid of everything! I’m afraid I won’t be able to read any “professional” patterns after the simple starter patterns, I’m afraid of doing seams, you name it, I’m SCARED. But I’m determined to be the knitter I’ve always wanted to be :woot:

You go!!!

I only started a few weeks ago, and lemme tell ya… it gets SO much easier!!!

Circ’s vs dpn’s - I’ve done socks both ways although I think I stay more interested with dpn’s.

What am I afraid of?.. Lace, Bobbles (just can’t seem to do them right), large things (I start but it takes me a long time to finish)

I just finished an American Flag Table Runner (ok, I still need to do the stars but I’m not sure how I’m making them yet) and that was fun to change colors. It’s in May’s issue of Creative Knitting magazine. Try a dishcloth with different colors - no matter how it looks the dishes won’t mind.

Just try it - frog it - and try it again. No one is going to yell at you.

Good luck


I’d have to say fair isle. I started a pair of socks that was a fairly simple (dots) pattern but it beat me bad! Decided I needed something that didn’t need to stretch to ‘fit’ so recently finished a skull dishcloth - turned out way cute. Next will be a hat - ok, that will need to stretch to fit, but it’ll only have 10-15 rows of fair isle.

Oh, which reminds me steeking scares the hee-bee Jesus out of me! Don’t know if I will ever attempt anything that needs to be steeked.

Socks on 2 circs is easy-peasy! Just do 1 or 2 on (5) dble pts first so you understand the construction & mechanics of socks. then switch to 1 sock on 2 cirs - it’s pretty easy to visualize that you’ve got the stitches of 2 dble pts on one needle, the other 2 dbl pts on the 2nd circ. Then it’s just a short step to being able to do 2 socks on 2 circs.

PS - Oh, ArtLady - you put your log cabin pic back in!! :muah:

For me it is making a sweater that scares me more than anything.
I can do lace and making socks which I love making.
I am going to try again making a sweater, I think doing one will get my feet wet and then I will feel like I really can knit anything. In fact my son last night ask me about making him a sweater and I had to say no. He just looked at me and said you do such good work.
So maybe I will give it a try, can’t learn if we don’t try again and again.

I am smiling at all this discussion about FEAR! (there is nothing to fear but fear itself, remember?)

I actually knit in order to cure myself of various fears…fears of being judged, of choosing the wrong yarn, wrong colors’ fear of worsening arthritis in my hands… Fear that whomever I make this project for - won’t like it???

Now I just watch the fear, smile, and keep going…just as I do in meditation. Whatever comes up, is fodder for awareness. Fear is only fear. It can’t kill me.

Ah, awareness!..it leads to joy. (eventually, …or …sometimes)

I’m in such a knitting slump. I WANT to knit. I think about knitting all the time. Unfortunately, if my stuff is not PERFECT, I give up. Of course, NOTHING anyone creates is perfect, so guess where that leaves me? I have probably 6 projects started and all of them are just lying somewhere being neglected because it’s not perfect.

So I guess I’m afraid of not being perfect, which really sucks.

I am a newb and afraid of just about everything that is not a scarf or a blanket. But I love trying all kinds of sts. I just started my first sock on dps and I am so excited but I am kind of dreding getting to the heel I am sure I will mess it up a few times before I get it right.cloud9

I have not been able to pick up magic loop or two circ for socks by watching videos–I’ll have have someone show me. :mrgreen:

I have done fair isle but never intarsia–too many ends to sew in.

I hate seaming so I pass up a lot of patterns because of it. Vogue Knitting has an article on converting patterns to the round. Part 1 is in the issue on the newsstands and Part 2 of the article will be published with the next issue.

I fear patterns with Tons of Bobbles, not because I don’t like to do them but because I don’t care to wear them. A few is OK.

I just bought DPN and I’m afraid to use them purely because i don’t knit using any proper method that can be transferred easily to DPN.

I’m also afraid of doing my first jumper this year for my boyfriends christmas present, but that’s only because I’ve never done any garments before.

I started knitting when I was really little, but I never did anything beyond basic rectangles of knits and purls. So I’m afraid of a lot. I want to try something with more shape, like a hat or glove, but I’m a bit afraid too. I’m determined to expand as a knitter! I’m a DIY guy, so I have a lot of motivation to be able to make some of my own clothes.