What are the "pointiest" needles?

I’m sure there is more accurate terminology than “pointiest” needles - but here’s my issue. I’m doing my first basic lace scarf - just to experiment. It’s full of fun things like K3tog and sl2-k2-p2sso! It’s a sport weight yarn on size 8 needles. I am having the toughest time getting the needles through all of the stitches - particularly a k3tog. I thought perhaps a “pointier” needle would help. I do know that I am a fairly tight knitter, I’m trying to loosen up a little to help with this - but I’d still like to learn more about needles.

Knitpicks Options and classic circs are nice and pointy!

i love my kp needles. and i’ve heard that addi lace needles are nice and pointy too. but if you’re using 8’s, that won’t help much. sorry.

Both Knitpicks Options and Denise Interchangeables are really pointy-just depends on what kind of needle you like-resin (Denise) or metal (KP Opt.)

It looks like I finally have the excuse that I need to purchase the KP Options!:cheering:

Susan Bates Quicksilvers are very pointy as are Inox.

I don’t find the Denise needles pointy all when compared to Options. Different strokes I guess. :wink:

I totally agree!:woot:

I have lots of SB Quicksilvers and, while I like the finish, I dislike that they’re NOT at all pointy. Guess it’s relative. My fave points are my old Boye’s but I don’t care for the colored alum which wears over time and don’t have the slipperiness of the QSs.

One thing to keep in mind if you push the needle thru with your pointer finger. There was thread on this topic on knittersreview by some who wanted very sharp points only to find their pushing finger couldn’t handle the sharpness and they had to use a thimble.


Here’s pic of my Boyes vs QSs.


I just got some knit picks and they are ouch, ouch, ouch pointy. I really don’t know if I will get used to them!

I agree with the Denise needles being pointy. They were also ouch ouch. I also found the needles bendy and sticky and annoying to work with - at least the KPs are stiff and slick.

I wore a band-aid on my pointer finger while adjusting to the KP options, but it was WELL worth it! I saw someone mentioned a thimble, which would also work, but then I don’t think your finger will ever adjust to it… The band-aid provided enough protection but not so much that I wasn’t able to eventually stop using it.

I absolutely adore my Options needles, second only to my Susanne’s Ebony, but the Options are definitely more versatile (and pointiest! :wink: )