What are the fastest needles? :)

What are the (brand? etc.) fastest needles? :slight_smile: Also, what are your favorite faster needles? (p.s. are there any metal needles that don’t clickety clack? ) :??

Most people would answer this question with Addi Turbos, hands down. I don’t really notice that much of a difference in speed though between my different needles.

My fastest needles are Knitpicks Options and they barely click at all (for me).


I’m afraid I’m not aware of a silencer for metal needles…sorry, they all seem to click. I will have to say that the fastest for me are knitpicks new Options needles. Then, there are the famous Addi Turbos. Both are metal with a nickle (it is nickle, isn’t it?!) coating which makes them very slick, very fast.

These are both circular needles though? :frowning: I hate circular needles. :??


Oh gosh circs are the best! The Options also come in DPNs for sizes 0-3 I think?

Isn’t this like knitting blasphemy or something? ^_~

I just like looking at my work better on straight needles. Circular needles bunch up.

It’s okay. We still love you. ^_~

well i got nuthin’ then…i have never used a straight needle in my whole knittin’ life! :shrug: :wink:

you can get longer circs! :happydance:

lol. Big fans of circular needles I see??? :slight_smile: I just like the feel/ weight in hands better of straight needles/ and like I said it seems easier to see it as its knitting up if you want to make changes/ etc. I.E. as per feel of circular I also hate the “string” thing bunching up and making noise and the weight/ feel of it below the needles when I’m knitting. :wink:

I haven’t used my straights since getting circulars, but the Susan Bates SilvaLumes come in straights and I like them better than Boyes. They seem smoother and faster. Can’t remember if they click or not.

The Knitpicks Options can be used as straight needles. Just attach a cable to each needle and put a button on each end. Voila! Can’t beat the versatility.

I undestand your dislike for circs… the first time I tried them I felt like I was kniting knots into more knots… I bought some big ones 15, 17 and I like them much better. You do have to keep and eye on your yarn because it will get caught up the cable between the needles.
but for straights!!
I like susan bates 15 extra long needles(don’t know the lenght sorry)
I love the feel of susan bates. I don’t i like the clinking metal and that it won’t give. I tried bamboo… not slick
Try some Susan bates in the longest size you can get…
Good Luck :happydance:

I really don’t use straights that much any more but when I do I like to use bamboo but I agree with bjc1050 Susan Bates are good. As far as the click is concerned I kind of like that. I reminds of my grand mother.

Nadja xxx

Really? :?? you can use the knitpicks options on straight needles? You say “attach the cable”? what’s the cable??? :slight_smile: Yeah ainee that’s sort of how I feel about circulars too. :wink: I used bamboo as a beginner but like metal now that I’m better at it because its faster. :wink: I’ll look into those susan bates! Thanks! :slight_smile:

The cable is the flexible part you attach the needle tip to.

You can do this with any of the interchangeable sets. It makes a flexible straight. I don’t know why, but it bugs the snot out of me that they aren’t the same length: you have to use two different cables, one for each needle.

The Knitpicks Options cable sets come with 2 cables (of the same length) and the full interchangeable set comes with 2 cables each in 24" and 32", so this is not an issue with that set.