What are steek sts


Does anyone know what (steek sts) are. I have a knitting in the round book and some of the afghans have ( steek sts). Please help if you can.

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Check out Ingrid’s post here. You can also use the Search option above to pull up a lot of other stuff to. :thumbsup:

I think Silver worked with steeks on one of her sweaters. Perhaps she can offer guidance as well :thinking:

Steek stitches are extra stitches that allow you to knit in the round without having to worry about armholes for sweaters, fronts of cardigans, and when they’re used for blankets it helps with distributing the weight, they are often used later as fringe. They’re used a lot in Fair Isle knitting because you are always looking at the front of the pattern.

You knit the extra stitches as you make the item, and then cut them later. It sounds scary, but it really does make sweater knitting easier, and I imagine knitting a blanket in the round would be easier than flopping it back and forth as it got bigger.