What are some stitch patterns that NEVER curls?

Just a few months ago I suffered from a huge and PAINFUL frog because of the curling-like-mad stockinette stitch:pout:. So I’m thinking right now that I should get to know more stitch patterns that wouldn’t curl. The ones I know that probably wouldn’t curl are ribbing, seed, and garter.

Are there any other stitch patterns out there that you can recommend? Pleaaaase?:pray::notworthy:

I think stockinette is the only one guaranteed to curl, but I could be wrong.

Nope, Jan, you’re right.

What kind of project are you knitting? You can use a ribbed, garter, or seed-stitch border if you want the majority of the piece to be stockinette.

Someone here–and I don’t remember who–actually knit stockinette that didn’t curl! :shock: She wasn’t trying to do that, either; it’s just the way she knits. Lucky her :wink:

Anything stocking-based will curl, but even the worst curl can be straightened out by enough blocking. So any pattern that is based on stocking (i.e. odd rows mostly purl and even mostly knit) is likely to curl a bit. If you really like a stocking pattern and don’t want to avoid curl with borders etc., I’d say use acrylic which can be steamed to lose the curl and go floppy.

It was me! It was at the v-neck of a top down raglan. There were kfb increases at the very edge of every right side row and it layed as flat as flat could be. I was shocked :shock:

Yay KQ! :notworthy: :notworthy:

I’m glad you spoke up; I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out who it was!

It wasn’t just me, earthchick knitted the same sweater pattern that I did, and hers was flat too.

OH? :shock:

Can I pleaaaase see the pattern? I’m very curious to know how you people did that lol

Thanks for the other replies, too, they confirmed my thought and helped a lot:thumbsup:

It’s not a free pattern, so I can’t share it, but it’s just a basic top down raglan very much like the Incredible Custom Fit Raglan Sweater. In the pattern that I used, I was increasing for the v-neck by kfb (knitting into front and back) in the first and last stitch of every right side row until all neck edge stitches had been added. Those angled v-neck edges did not roll AT ALL even though they were all stockinette.

For some reason, my stockinette doesn’t curl very much [B]at all[/B]. I think it must be a tension thing. :shrug:

Could be. Mine doesn’t curl much; I use larger needles, maybe because it’s at a looser gauge?