What are sock wars and how do they work?

Anybody ever participate in this?

Never heard of them.

I’ve never participated in one, but they sound fun!

From what I understand, it’s done in rounds. In the first round, everyone receives the same sock pattern and the name of another participant who is now your “target”. You, in return, are someone else’s target. The goal is to knit your socks and send it off to your target before you receive socks from whoever has you as THEIR target! If you make it – that is, your target’s socks arrive before you receive your own – then you continue to the next round and get another name. If you get your socks before you send off your target’s socks, then you’re out.

Now that’s a very simple explanation, but then I’m a very simple person!


Wow that looks like a ton of fun! Too bad I’m not a huge fan of knitting socks, I’d be killed really fast lol.

i went to that site that Mirl56 posted…and they have “hat wars” too.

I have…took out 2 people and still haven’t rec’d socks from it. Seems the time I joined a lot went wrong and they just threw in the towel on it. Its suppose to be better now…

It was fun and a rush to try and take your person out before you are taken out…