What am supposed to do with this!

this is some recycled cashmere that i won on ebay…its so tiny…i feel intimadated!!! :oo:
i also got some Berroco suede.
looky at my tag that i made!!yay :thumbsup:
oops wrong order…sorry

OOH Carmell! That cashmere is BEAUTIFUL! It is so SHINY!! I think it would make a GAWGEOUS lace shawl or bolero sweater to wear with a dress in the Spring…but definitely something lacey!

:thinking: never was a big fan of the lacy stuff… but i guess i could find something. i’ll have to see what a bolero is… thanks KK

A bolero is one of those little cropped cardigans.

Carmell…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your cashmere…perfect color!! See, I’m like KK, I’m thinking something lacey…not with big holes…but very lady-like and dainty :wink:
oooo oooo…like the last knitty gritty show from White Lies Designs…this Knitty Gritty Episode ROCKS!!..okay, that was completely off subject…I’m back…you could make a very dainty scarf or any # of things if u don’t want lacey stuff…I just love it…OH…you could just give it to me, which I think is the VERY BEST idea :wink:

It’s CASHMERE!! You don’t have to DO anything with it!! Just squeeze it now and then!

The fair isle sweaters I make are done with very thin yarn. There are also non fair isle patterns that use the thin yarn, too, so you’re not really limited to lace with fine yarn. There are just a whoooole lot of stitches in them.

I was thinking, too that you could make lots of pairs of gloves with it–so, so soft, or socks.

You could also double or triple it if you want to use it with a pattern that calls for a heavier yarn. To be honest, though, I’d hesitate to make a baby outfit because of the special care involved–plus that annoying growing habit they all have.

wow, that’s so pretty.
Gloves and socks is a great idea ingrid.

yeah i knew i wold do anything baby with it…fingetless gloves maybe. i like the dainty idea but i never go anywhere so i don’t know…but thanksfor the ideas…

rebecca… what would you do with it???

She’d share it with me! :smiley:

well than what would you do with it Ingrid???

Ingrid would share it with me so I could make you a bolero…I LOVE that yarn!! I am so envious!! I love that color…

this :wink:
or this :eyebrow:
or this :shock:


Pink cashmere just kind of lends itself to that kind of knotty thinking…
(I’m actually trying to find out what my recycled blue cashmere wants to be, so I’m fishing for suggestions, too…)

oooo!!! i did think of the cami but figured i didn’t have enough…but the other too!!! me likey :eyebrow:

Carmell, that yarns is gorgeous! :inlove: Great color!

You could always double up the strand (even triple or whatever you want) to make a thicker yarn.

Can’t wait to see what comes of it!

Carmell, I think that yarn is gorgeous. I bet once you get to using it and feeling it, you will love it.
It doesn’t matter if you never go anywhere. You can make yourself something soft and pretty and girly just to wear at home. Why not?
Maybe you don’t go out on the town, but there is nothing wrong with having a lovely, decadent cashmere shawl to wrap up in when you have a winter cold. Indulge yourself a little.

You just gaze at it for a while and look at things online & in books & mags…let the yarn speak to you :wink: . I would have no idea what to do with it until I had it for a while…LOL! I would love to do some White Lies Designs…but then I would want something that would be shown so that everyone knew that I was wearing something lovely that I had knit with cashmere yarn :wink: