What am I hoping for? finished with new photos

I am trying to make knitting needles for my 3rd and 4th grade knitters. I am in the process of making these tops today. Has anyone ever made any polymer tops? and if so, how did you adhere them to the needles?

bottom photos show finished product

super glue.

When all else fails…get epoxy. That stuff will hold anything together.

Gorilla Glue

OMG that stuff holds tight, and not as brittle as super glue


I second the gorilla glue! I have never made these tops like you are, but that glue can do amazing things…

thrice on the gorilla glue… :teehee:

Nice needle tops!

Today some of the girls knitted with them and were very excited! I have to make more SOON. I chose the purple clay because our school colors are purple and turquoise. I just wished I had had my camera with me, to photograph them.

you bake the ends seperate and when they are hard you glue them on

If you use gorilla glue (amazing stuff!) be aware that it expands a lot when it dries.

Ditto on this! A little dab’ll do ya! Do not let it get on your hands or you’ll be wearing it for oh about 2 weeks. It foams and gets extremely activated with water.

Love the polymer clay ends! Very creative… A friend of mine sent me some needles last year and she’d made clay flowers for the ends. So cute but the yarn catches so they are just a decorative set for my craft room! Mary