What am i doing wrong?

Hi everyone. I’m Misty. I’m brand new to knitting. I’m 17 inches into my first scarf. It is a knit one row, then purl one knit one row repeated until it measures 49 inches. I’m having a problem with it.
It lays flat on the bottom, but about half way up it is starting to curl inward toward the wrong side. It is also measuring about an inch shorter than at the bottom. Am i working too tight? Or is it an inconsistency problem? Or is it something else?


You aren’t doing anything wrong. It’s the nature of stockinette to curl and it’s difficult to stop it. A wide border on the edge in a non curling stitch helps, but even then it sometimes folds along the line between border and stockinette. Basically you need to just do the best you can and accept it.

Welcome to KH. I’m not clear on how you’re doing this. Are you doing alternating knit and purl rows which makes stockinette stitch and it curls just because it does, or are you doing a knit row, a row of k1, p1 across, then another knit row? Having a piece wider at the start could mean that your tension has changed and you’re knitting tighter now.

Thank you Jan. I am following a pattern from “I Taught Myself Knitting” It’s just called 2. Hat & Scarf. Also, thank you to GG. The 1st row is Knit. The 2nd row is p1, *k1,p1. Rep from * to end. Then repeat these 2 rows until work measures 49 ins from beg.

If it say k1, p1 that is ribbing and shouldn’t curl at all. If it’s knit one row purl one row, knit one row, purl one row that is stockinette and will curl.

Misty1970 :
Thank you very much for taking the time to help. I really appreciate any help and advice i can get.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate any help and advice i can get.

I’ve been trying to think if this alternating knit rows with k1,p1 rows curled when I did it. I can’t remember. lol I used it in a sweater so I can’t really tell by looking at it either. I’m thinking you shouldn’t be getting a lot of curl. I’ll have to try a swatch and see. I don’t promise when I’ll get it done.

Here’s a link to a multi-part article on curling stockinette stitch. It offers some at least partial solutions.

The only way I’ve found to knit a stockinette scarf is to knit a tube in the round. It gives a double thickness but it will lie flat.

Thanks so much for your help GG. Once again I really appreciate it.

Thank you salmonmac very much for the tip. I will watch the video.