What am I doing wrong?

Hello. :]
I’m new to knitting and to this forum. I used to knit with my grandmother when I was 7, I’m now 24 so as you can guess I’ve lost what I learned then. I’m not having any problems with casting on. Just for practice I’ve been casting on ten stitches. When I go to do my knit stitch they look messy, loose, and twisted and I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I’ve tried using a few different videos with people doing different things but it always comes out the same. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Hi, glad you could join us and hope we can help. If you can post a picture of your work, we might be able to tell what’s up. My guess may be that you’re using the backward loop/simple CO and that one does leave loops of yarn between stitches. So try another one - the knit CO is easy and less messy.

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Yes, the cast on may be the source of the problems. You might also just press on with your knitting and see if the tension evens out as you practice.

Thanks for answering so quickly! Here is what I’ve been working on.

Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I don’t have very good lighting in my house.

The cast on edge does look pretty loopy, but the stitches on your rows don’t look too bad. An even tension will develop the more knitting you do, so don’t worry about that for now, you’ll get there. It does look like you’re adding stitches, so make sure you’re not put the yarn around the needle between stitches, and at the beginning of the row hold the yarn out to the side a little bit before you make the first stitch. If the yarn is up over the needle to the back it pulls up the first stitch and the 2 legs of it look like separate sttiches.