What am I doing wrong?

I want to start my 3rd ever knitting project but keep running into a problem. The project I chose to do is the Luxury Cowl/Hood from Lion Brand.


The problem I am having is that after everytime I cast on my stitches when I go to purl the first round I get so far and then the yarn gets stuck on the needle. I physically can’t move it. I have ripped it all out and recast on the stitches VERY loosely and am still having the same problem. What am I doing wrong?

The circular needle I am using is a Takumi US 11 Clover made of Bamboo and the yarn I am using is Vanna’s Choice Medium (4).

With that large a needle and that yarn, it shouldn’t be that tight. What kind of cast on are you using and can you post a picture? Maybe you’re knitting into the sts in an unusualy way.

I believe I was doing the backwards loop cast on. Should I use another? I was just trying to purl after the cast on as I normally do.

Backwards loop CO can be difficult to work into the loops on the next row, and doesn’t provide a stable edge for a large number of stitches. So yes, use a cable or knit cast on, or try the long tail.