What am I doing wrong?

Can you tell me if being left handed, will i EVER be able to learn to knit. Is their a secret to it? Someone told me to look in the mirror and do the opposite?:help:hair:

Many left handed knitters knit the same as right handed one, just holding their yarn in the left hand, that’s called continental. You don’t have to reverse everything, seems like that would be harder to learn and there’s a problem later needing to convert regular patterns. Why don’t you look at the continental videos and practice a little, and see how you get on. Everyone was clumsy and made mistakes at first - you have to train both your brain and hands to make the moves, right or left handed.

there is no “hand” to knitting… (or to driving a car, or to touch typing, or to …)

there many ways to knit.

MANY but not all, lefties find that holding the yarn in the left hand (this can be continential, combo or portugese style of knitting!) is easier than English (aka Right hand hold the yarn)

some find Scots style (the right needle is held in:
the under arm,or in a sheath, or (when seated!) between the knees–works to for them (NOTE a disadvantage to the scots style is, it doesn’t work with circulars,and you are limited to straight or DPN (extra long DPN’s at that!)

There is also REVERSE (aka backwards) knitting or True left handed.

this is 'mirror image style" where the knitting is done from the RIGHT needle onto the left (vs the standard from left onto right needle)

In the beginning, no matter what you try, its difficult…

you hands and fingers have to “learn the way” (develop muscle memory)–just as it take a while to learn how to start (smoothly) and brake smoothly when driving. (your feet have to learn!)

Many knitter (most with a few years of experience!) learn to knit in different styles.

I LEARNED combo, then standard continental, then reverse (true left handed)

I still can’t knit English (right hand yarn hold!) even though i am (supposedly!) right handed.

I always recommend a standard (there are lots of standards!) style first (rather than true left handed) but you have to do what works for you!

I’m left handed…but I taught myself to knit right handed…it wasn’t really that hard you just have pratice…start with 20 or so sticthes…and keep at it…you’ll get it in no time:cheering:

Have a look at this website:


On the left side of the page, you will see a menu where you can click either left handed or right handed…

It shows differences between how lefties and righties hold the yarn, etc. I used it when I was helping a left-handed friend with her knitting. And we tried the mirror thing. It didn’t work. In fact we both ended up even more confused than when we started. :whoosh:

I’m an extreme lefty. At the time I learned all I had was a book with drawings and so I knit english with the yarn in the right hand. It will feel awkward for a while regardless of however you knit until you develop body memory. One day you’ll pick up your knitting and your hands will automatically get everything set for you to start your 1st stitch of the day. Persevere, it’s worth it.

I’m right handed, and I knit English (yarn in the right hand) and so many times have tried yarn in the left hand but can never get the stitches even, and then I go back to what works for me. So I am a fan of ‘what works for each person’ as being the best way to go. :slight_smile: But when I first started, for the longest time I was all thumbs no matter what I did! :smiley: