What am I doing wrong?

I can crochet borders for knitting, but that is the extent of my crochet skill. So, I started to teach myself from this book but, everytime i try, my crocheting looks different than in the book. It kind of looks like garter stitch for knitting. I have reread how to single crochet over and over and I just can’t figure it out!!! help!!:wall: :shrug:

Single crochet:

After you’ve made your foundation chain, start with the second ch from hook.

Insert hook in chain st, y/o, draw through loop. Y/o and draw through both loops on hook. The proper way to y/o is to make sure you go under the ball end of the yarn with the hook, then grab the yarn with your hook and draw it through.

When you insert your hook into the existing stitch of the previous row, are you inserting the hook under two loops or just one? You should be inserting the hook under the two top loops.

Depending on what the pattern says you might be inserting the hook under one loop whether front or back loop. The result would be a horizontal ridge on either side of your work depending on which loop you use. Check out the videos on
www.nexstitch.com They are very good.

are there any good website videos for making a ring?

Not a video but here’s instructions with pics of making an adjustable ring:

i tried, but i just don’t understand it


I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, I can’t crochet unless it’s a border. Mine looks all weird.

Let’s declare that it’s not us, it’s the hooks :teehee:

The ring is formed when you slip stitch a number of chained stitches together. What goes in the next round depends on the pattern or you. Just remember the correct number of chained stitches for the height of the round. Each stitch has a number:
sc >> 1 ch
hdc >> 2 ch
dc >> 3 ch
tr >> 4 ch
>> The you can do the next stitch. Just remember learning to crochet is like learning to knit it takes practice and more practice !!!

Also, you should keep in mind that the first couple of rows of crochet are just like the first couple of rows when knitting: they’re extra hard to control because there’s no “product” to see or hold onto.

I started with crochet because my grandmother taught me when I was little, but now that I knit, I can see why crochet would be hard since the knitting needles provide a lot of stability for whatever it is that you are making. I’m not an expert crochet’er by any stretch of the imagination, but I have made some fairly decent items that way. My best advice is to take a break from it for a while and then try to power through it again. Do like beginner knitters do and try to make a square of just single crochet rows. It won’t matter if the first few rows are weird… once you get the rhythem to it, you’ll really know how it feels and you’ll have something to kind of “hold” while you keep working.

You can do it!! :cheering: :thumbsup:

You tube has some great videos. If you type “learn to crochet” a few good ones will come up. Look on the right at related videos and you will find some for whatever you are looking for.

Try different ones until you find a video that works for your style of learning.

Hope This Helps.

-yolanda marie