What am I doing wrong?

I am knitting this blanket.


You repeat rows 1-4 until it measures 45 in. I am on the third installment of the repeat row pattern on Row 2 and for some reason I notice that I am knitting on the “wrong side” of the blanket. Is it supposed to be that way since it is more purl than knit? I am pretty sure that I was knitting on the right side up until this point. How did I screw up? I have even taken it apart once already and reknit Row 1 but it still comes out this way.

What did I do wrong and how can I fix it?!?!

Does it suddenly look different? Or are you wondering if the knit stitches should be on the front. It’s difficult to tell with the pattern since it doesn’t say which is the right side.

Well, here is a photo of what it looks like while doing a Row 1. This is the side that has always been “right side up” for me I am pretty sure.

But when I get done with this row and go to start on Row 2, this is the side that is facing up now.

Is that what is suppose to be happening?

If I’m understanding what I’m seeing, you’re doing it right. On row one, you’re knitting on the right side, the top picture. Then for row 2, you’re knitting on the wrong side which is what the bottom pic looks like. Then 3 will be on the right side, 4 on the back. Is that clear? Or am I missing something?

Nope. I understand now. I guess I just didn’t notice that I was knitting on the “wrong side” before because I am not that far into the blanket. Now that I have some rows done it is more noticable. Thank you for your help on it! :cheering:

I almost went back to edit to add that the pattern is often difficult to read at first. I’m glad it worked out!