What am i doing wrong?

hi everyone! im a new knitter and i love it! but im having a problem with my last stitches being extremely too big. :?? because of this my edges look terrible! :verysad: i’ve tried changing my tension, holding the yarn differently, and just pulling the yarn. nothing is working. what should i do?

try just slipping the first stitch from the left needle to the right one instead of knitting it.

works for me. :slight_smile:

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The last stitch being big is a typical problem and it will get better the more you knit. You do just need to pull that last stitch tight and knit the first one fairly tight to “pull up” that last stitch from the last row.

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I keep having the same problem - and I started to just slip the first stitch. It makes it easier to seam and to add on to the sides too!!! I figured this out when I learned to knit a sock!

thank you so much! i started pulling the first few stitches tight and i seems to be working much better!