What am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

I just started doing stockingette stitch for the first time, as up to now I’ve only used the garter stitch. But something weird keeps happening. When you look at my work from the purl side, there is a stitch at the end that looks out of place:

I thought maybe it was just for the first few rows, but no, it does it ALL the way up the piece. It makes the right-hand side (on the purl side) look stretched out, like there’s a bunch of missing stitches. I’ve tried tightening my yarn end, I’ve made sure I’m purling or knitting the first stitch in the row correctly, I’ve made sure I’m not slipping a stitch somehow - WHAT is this?! It’s driving me crazy and it’s really ugly, especially as the piece gets bigger.

Any help is much appreciated!

~ Cary

are you slipping the first stitch of each row? If you are make sure you slip them in the right direction (purlwise on the purl row and knitwise on the knit row) Amy has a video showing how to slip stitches.

I’ve found that slipping the first stitch on each row seems to help the edges look “normal”

yes…that is a bit normal for stockinette and and it shows up on some yarns/projects more than others. Slipping the first stitch really does help.