What Am I Doing Wrong? Simple Shawl :o(

This doesn’t look right. :roll: But it’s simple! It’s One-Skein Summer Wrap by Marty Miller.

Worked from end to end. Here’s mine:

And theirs:

Doesn’t look like you’re doing anything wrong. If hers was laid out like that it might look the same. It’s pretty!

I think your yarn might be a little different, giving it a different look.

I think I’m going to start over with another yarn, I don’t even like the color of this one!


To me it looks as if you are missing or maybe adding a stitch on your end rows and that’s why they look a little misshapen. I always put a safety pin in the first and last stitch when I begin a pattern like this so I am sure to especially not miss the last stitch, so everything lines up. Give it a try if you decide to start over. Good Luck!

It looks like the same stitch to me, but it looks like theirs is worked in long, long rows, from one side to the other, and yours is worked in shorter rows, from bottom to top (or top to bottom).

Did you start with a long, long chain stitch? If not, then that could be the difference.

It’s just the perspective of the 2 pictures - the wrap is worked from the short edge; the picture just shows the finished item worn wrapped around.

They probably won’t look quite the same until the one Arielluria’s making is finished and washed or blocked out.

Just the technical aspect of your question: Theirs looks like a bulky yarn and large hook size. Did you get gauge? :think: What did they say the gauge was? Well, your image is rotated (90 degrees clockwise) from their perspective. I can’t get a sense of yarn weight or stitch size in your image. Girl, put a ruler or an object of standard size in there for comparison (hand & arm, bracelet, wrist watch, eye glasses, book, anything that gives a size comparison). :shrug:

Your stitches look even and uniform through out your work. Unless their model is a little person, I’d say that each repeat is about two inches (5cm) across.

**(to self) Okay, Jack so you had one photography class and the first lesson was always include something for scale. Just because I\you know it doesn’t mean everyone knows it. :oops: **[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#330099]Theirs looks like a bulky yarn and large hook size. Did you get gauge? :think: What did they say the gauge was?[/COLOR]

It’s a standard worsted, but on an N hook, so it would give a more open appearance. She was using a smaller hook and similar yarn. I think it just looks different because it’s not finished and stretched out. The notes on her ravelry page indicated she started over with some different yarn and the N hook, so maybe it’s going better for her.

It looks really nice! Maybe blocking would help and I thought it might be the yarn also. I’d say keep going or try a different yarn. :wink: I really like that shawl pattern. I might have to try it! :smiley: