What am i doing wrong? magic loop is coming out backwards

i am not sure what i am doing wrong. My stiches are coming out inside out when i use the magic loop…i know that i am casting on right, but i cant figure it out after that…please help; i am going insane… :wall:

I’m having the same trouble with circular knitting … nothing magic about this bag I’m doing!!! :shrug:


Flip your work inside out and move the needle so the tips are closer to you and the stitches and cord further away. The yarn going to the skein will still be on the right hand needle so just start in.


That is what I do for DPN and circ needle but when I do magic loop I do it the way the video shows and it is inside out. Is magic loop just suppose to be that way and does it matter? :??

Magic Loop is supposed to be the same as circular knitting, but with the cord pulled out on the sides. If you knit inside out with regular circular knitting, you might also end up inside out with ML too.


I thought circular knitting was hard till I looked at the video for ML … that’s totally over my head!!! :??


with circ knitting you have to have your needles with the working yarn closest to you. The same with DPN but somehow with magic loop (following Amy’s video) it is inside out. Is there something I am doing wrong?

I just looked at the video and it doesn’t look inside out, maybe it’s just because there’s only a couple rounds on the needle and hard to tell. But if you notice, the needle cable is always behind the tips and in back of her hands, so I don’t know what you do that’s making it different unless you have your cable closer to you and in front of the tips and your hands…


I don’t know, next time I will pay more attention to the way I do it. I think I am doing it her way but one never really knows. :teehee:

Ms. Columbo, If you are getting twisted stitches while knitting in the round, you are probably wrapping your stitches the worng way. Try wrapping them opposite of what you have been doing and see if that helps.

where can i find the video for Magic loop?

It’s on the Advanced Techniques page, 3rd one under Small Diameter Circular knitting.


[color=indigo]It appears to me that with ML knitting you need to decide which is the RS and the WS, just to keep things oriented. Whichever will make no difference in the actual knitting.

With circ knitting the same applies. In both techniques, the growing tube of knitting ideally would be pointing downward, towards the floor, between the needles. You can invert the tube at any time without changing anything. Then your working row would be on the bottom of the tube and the tube would appear to be growing upwards.


Landolphe, who would find some way to knit placemats in the round :teehee:[/color]