What am I doing wrong? Backwards?

I am knitting in the round on dpns making a pair of fingerless gloves. I have done something wierd and now whenever I knit it is no longer in stockinette stitch on the outside, it is just regular knitting. I have been having to unknit the same row a million times. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

What do you mean “regular knitting”? Do you mean that the purl bumps are on the outside? You may be knitting inside out. is the stockinette stitch on the inside? can you post a pic?

When knitting in the round you need to have the needles close to you and the loop of knitting away…you are knitting on the outside edge. Is that the problem?

Hmm… maybe it’s because when you are knitting flat you purl one row and then knit one row in order to get stockinette, but on the other hand, when you knit in the round you just keep doing only knits or purls in order to get stockinette. Get what I mean? when you knit flat, you are flipping the fabric from right side to wrong side, wrong side to right side, and so on, therefore you have to purl one row and knit one row. However, when you knit in the round you are just circling around the circle so you are not flipping the fabric or whatsoever so you just have to knit(or purl) for every stitch in order to get stockinette. This is one of the problems that I had when I first learned to knit in the round, I couldn’t transform flat knitting into round knitting.

If you purl one row and knit one row when you knit in the round you will get garter stitch (which possibly is what you called regular knitting?), and when you knit flat it’s the opposite. Get what I mean? (I know I’m not so good at explaining things… :doh: )

Hope this helps! :hug:

Well, I have knitted in the round before on circulars, and one time I must have reversed my hat too, because the top of it had all bumps!

Yes, all the bumps are on the outside. I can no figure out how to fix this. I am only knitting the way it seems I should be. How do I need to hold the work in order to do it properly?

Jan what does it mean when you say hold the needles toward me and the loops away? Thanks! Sorry so daft!

I get from your first post that you were moving along correctly but now are working in reverse, right?

You probably turned your project upside down. Turn it over and push what you have down through the needles. I think you’ll be back on track.