What age to leave child alone?

I was wondering at what age parents let their kids be home alone for 1 hour?

I was BABYSITTING at the age of nine; daytime with adults available by phone.

By age 12 I was night-time babysitting.

It depends on the area you’re in and the child’s maturity level among other things. I would never leave a child alone in some areas, but never think twice in others. A mature child can be left alone sooner than others too. It also depends on what they have access to. If there’s obnoxious neighbor kids who will “taint” their experience, I’d be more cautious. If there’s a friend near that can keep an eye on the house, I’d feel better too. I was left home alone at about 10 I think, but I had an older brother and sister and we had a ton of great neighbors so it was no big deal. I can’t imagine leaving a 10-year-old home alone today!


It really depends on the child’s maturity level – not knowing the child in question, I can’t really give you an answer. I’ve had nanny families leave their 8 & 9 year olds alone while they ran a quick errand.

ETA: I agree with Kelly – maturity level & area where they would be left. If a friend or neighbor was nearby “just-in-case”.

You also want someone they can contact if for some reason you aren’t home by the time you said & they aren’t able to reach you – ie you get in an accident.

I said 12, but it the maturity level is most important. That being said I still wouldn’t allow a mature 10 yr old to stay alone though.

personally i dont think kids shoult be left alone at all. there could be a fire and at that young an age they dont know how to react usually

I think the USA actually has a legal standard on this. I also think it has alot to do with their maturity and your complete trust of them. Mine were both very calm but kids are different, ya know?

Do you know what that standard is? I have always wondered if there was one or not. I would think it would vary state by state, and have tried looking it up but have never found the answer - even from police officers. As a single working mom I always wondered; however, my kids are 18 and 16 now so I the question is now moot :roflhard:

In any case, I said 12 because that was around the time I started trusting my kids to be alone for short periods of time. When my daughter was in 8th grade and my son in 7th I gave them both cell phones and it made me feel a lot better about running errands or such without them because I knew I had a secondary phone to try to reach them on in the annoying event that they didn’t answer the land line (a problem I still have with my DS - I call the land line - no answer, call his cell and the conversation usually goes as follows: Me: “Where are you?”; DS: “Home”; Me: “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”; DS: “I didn’t hear it.” :wall: ) I agree that maturity level is the real factor though. And I also agree with Jan that I still wouldn’t leave a mature 10 year old home alone.

It may vary from state to state but here in SC, I think it’s 13. I know that a child of divorcing parents is allowed to decide which household he wants to live in at age 11 in SC. And still, that’s actually up the judge in the long run. If there’s a Dept. of Social Services in your state, they could tell you. Also, it’s not going to cost you anything to contact via telephone an attorney that handles family cases. I voted 13 but with a 25 and a 30 year old, I honestly don’t remember what age mine were.

I think I was allowed to start walking home from school at about grade 6. I would pick up my little sis from her school and then we just had to phone in with mom to let her know we got home ok.

I agree though with most…it is all about how the child handles themselves!

It really depends on the kid. I’m in my 40s and Mom still doesn’t like to leave me alone as she knows I’ll get into trouble. :mrgreen:

I think I was about 9 when my parents started leaving me home alone for short periods (with increasing rights as I got older) but I was a responsible, trustworthy kid living in a safe neighborhood (there’s maybe 2 houses within a 3 block radius that I probably wouldn’t go for help… but in a pinch even they would be OK) with many relatives within 5 minutes if needed. I would say 12 is a good age for most kids. My rules at 9: no opening the door for anyone except a relative; no answering the phone unless it’s a relative (we had an answering machine, so I was to let it pick up first); no friends over whatsoever; no using of stove, oven, or power tools. By 14 I could do pretty much whatever, except have boys or friends my parents didn’t know over… by 16 I was just expected to let my parents know that I had someone over. At 12-13 I was babysitting for friends of the family - I wouldn’t tryst kids with a lot of 12/13 year olds, though.

When Julianne was 11 I left my cell phone home with her and she talked to me after she got off of the bus until she was locked in the house. She stayed locked in the house until I got home. She did let the dog out, though.

I’ll tell you the story of why I am asking everyone this question. I have a 9 year old and a 6 year old. My 6 year old has a doctors appt. that took us forever to get and I don’t want to cancel it. I will have to take him out of school early for this. Normally I would just take my 9 year old out as well, but he has his first test during that time and seeing as school has just started I would feel really bad taking him out. He would be home alone for about an hour, he is a very good kid and all he would do would play his wii. There is also the chance my husband might be able to come home early and if this is the case he said he would knock on the door to see what my son does. Even though my son has never answered the door a day in his life, even when I am yelling at him to open it. I just don’t know what to do. I can’t find anyone to just come to our house for a little bit till I can get home.

If he’s a good kid and won’t play with the stove or answer the door then I think he’s fine. YOu gotta do what you gotta do.

He’ll probably be fine.
Does he know how to call 911 (or your local emergency #) if there’s a problem?
Could he spend the time at a neighbor’s house (assuming there’s one with a kid about his age)?
Can he call your cell number?
All just suggestions for making the safety net a little stronger.

He does know how to call 911 and I will have give him my cell #.

I know this is specifically supposed to be a POLL…but I’d like to state that my 5 children were born beginning in 1966 through 1979. Those times were safer than today. However, other than the safety-of-the-times factor…I’d say don’t leave your kid(s) alone at home or in the car til they are 16. If you leave them alone at home and it burns down (or any other tragic occurence)…whether they are hurt or not…you are in deep doo-doo with authorities as negligent. At least it’s that way in my city.

And then the older they get…they may become more responsible and not likely to create a fire, or be more able to put out a fire, or to flee a house fire…they may be more likely to do something else you don’t feel is safe.


I’m glad mine are married and raising their own families.
I’ve served my time!

Yes, I was a worry-wart mother. But I’ll say this: not one hair on the heads of any of my children was EVER hurt. Not on my watch.

Well I cannot answer your poll. I have left my 8 y/o alone. She is very responsible. My older child I didn’t leave alone till he was 9 or 10. But there was less opportunity to be leaving him home alone because we had the little baby/toddler to keep track of.

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