What about these books?

So, I’m searching for a new knitting book to buy. I only have the S’nB and an old stitch book so far.
The problem is that I can’t just go into a bookshop and look at the books since I’m from Germany and they normally don’t have english knitting books. The only one I saw sofar was weekend knitting and I didn’t liked it that much.

Now I searched at amazon and found a few books that seemed interesting. I put them on my wishlist.
Does anybody of you own one of these? How do you like it? Is it hard to understand? Every comment really appreciated.

I was able to look through HotKnits a couple weeks ago and was very UNimpressed with it. My impression of the book was that they were trying to sell a lot of horrid patterns by showing off a lot of cleavage. It really depends on your fashion though. I thought the colours and styles were from my worst nightmare in the 80s. Perhaps you loved the styles from that era and would totally go for it. To each her own.

I also had a chance to look through the Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I have her socks and one of her sweaters on my “to knit” list. I love her attitude. I think I would appreciate her techniques more if I were a bit more experienced in my knitting. I think she’s a keeper just for her stories.

Not sure about the rest, but hope you get some more input.

I just got in the mail today, as a matter of fact, The Yarn Girls Guide To Simple Knits and Kid Knits. I looked through them briefly and like both of them. The only issue I had was with the Kid Knits one. I was hoping for more toddler sizes, like 2T-4T and it has sizes 1-3. If I learn how, I can probably make them a 4T if needed.

Anyway, from first glance, I really am going to enjoy the projects in the Simple Knits book.

The only book I have is Knitting in Plain English. It is by the same author as the Sweaters in Plain English. I really like the book I have. It is very clear in its directions. Looking at your wish list made me wish too!

Can anyone recommend a book that has simple and trendy scarf patterns? I’m just finishing up my first ever knitting project (aknit scarf). I want to make more scarfs.


SnB nation had 4 really nice scarves. There is also a small book I think is called Beginner’s book of Scarves. Go to the library and look around they have some really nice books now and you can preview them before you buy them!

Scarf Style by Pam Allen is great. Good techniques to learn in the scarf environment that can later be applied to more sophisticated garmets. Offers a really cool twisty, spiral scarf pattern and more than just scarves. Check it out on Amazon; I saw it in person and when I get back to scarves next fall, I plan to buy it and make a few.

Thanks for your replies!
I definiately be getting the almanac.
That would leave room(aka money) for a second book. Has anyone looked into the “vintage knits” book?
I like the Top on the front, but don’t like the fair-isle sweater-that’s too advanced for me.
This book also costs 10€ less ->10€more for yarn…
Argh! I wish I could look into these books before buying! I even had to order S’n’B without looking through it. But I knew the projects from their site cause the display every design on their website. Why doesn’t everyone do it like this?

I kind of have my heart set on one or both of these:

A Treasury of Magical Knitting

A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting

and this one is kinda cool, too:

Knit Wit : 30 Easy and Hip Projects (Hands-Free Step-By-Step Guides) – It’s a flip-style book that stands up on its own, and it has some rather unusual patterns in it.

jkik2478 --i second scarf style. it is fantastic.

wildforyarn --i totally agree with you about the sizes in the yarn girls book. i love it, but it should be called the yarn girls guide to toddler knits, not kid knits!

my favorite new book has to be last minute knitted gifts. everything in it is great.

I borrowed it from the library becuase there was 1 pattern I liked in it. But, most of them had a lot of cleavage, or the sweaters had no shape. Quite a few were basically boxes with arms. I don’t know a single person who would not look like a box in them.
It seemed like one half were so tight, I wouldn’t wear them and the other half were so loose they wouldn’t flatter any body type IMO! But I did find one I liked … a nice cardigan that was neither tight nor boxy! LOL!
I have no clue about the rest though! Sorry :frowning:

Javede… how come you can’t look inside some of the books on Amazon? I did that yesterday with that sweater book, the first one on your list, and I really like it. If you have Internet Explorer you should be able to look inside and get a preview. I also just found out yesterday that with my new Mozilla Firefox browser I CANNOT look inside a book. That took weeks to figure out!

As for books, I just joined Crafter’s Choice to get FIVE yippee 5 books, 4 at $1 each. Claire Crompton’s Knitter’s Bible is one of them, and that is an excellent book. (I guess you can’t do this coz you’re in Germany?)

I spent days in the bookstore looking through all these books.

Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Without Tears is a classic, very special, I’m getting that one through Amazon and also this site coz Amy gets a little percentage.

One of the other books I got is Big Book of Knitting Patterns by Sterling Publishers. I had that from the library and I figure with this book, you could design your own scarves or whatever. Oh oh oh, and Nicky Nicky… Epstein’s Finishing Techniques is very cool, a new book. I personally wouldn’t buy a book just for scarves, you can always get free patterns for those at Knitting Pattern Central online.

cheers, Vic

I agree, I didn’t like Hotknits either!

I can see the preview on Amazon, but you can’t see all projects in a book, right :wink:
They just show you the good parts and what if I don’t like the rest?
I just really wish I could go to a bookstore like you, actualy looking through the books and instructions…

Javede, you have a nice blog site. I like that summer top and think I’ll try one as summer approaches.

How come you don’t have bookstores in Germany! Or, it must be you are in a isolated spot? I’ve visited Germany a few times, mainly Munich which is great. And the Wannersee. if that’s correct spelling.

Well yes, you can only get an idea from what they let you see on Amazon. It’s good to get opinions here like you are doing. I just got an Annie Blatt book from ebay and unfortunately, out of about 50 sweaters or less, there are only a few I will actually make. But at least I didn’t pay much at all.


Thanks! I’ll be posting the pattern for the top once it’s finished.
Of course there are bookstores in Germany! Hey, it’s a country known for its poets and writers->Goethe! :thinking:
But unfortunately they don’t carry english knitting books. And if they have to order an unusual book, you have to buy it! :verysad:
But I found out that I can get some Rowan and Vogue books and magazines in a LYS.

I’ve visited Germany a few times, mainly Munich which is great. And the Wannersee. if that’s correct spelling.

I don’t know either :smiley: I’m from North Germany, Hamburg(a beautiful city)