What about bringing knitting in to jury duty?

I know you can’t knit during court but what about when you are waiting to be called out of the selection room. Do the courts allow you to bring in knitting needles? Just curious…

It would depend on the jurisdiction. I know that federal jury selection is VERY strict. Just call and find out. :slight_smile:

You can’t knit during court? On the jury? How do they expect you to remember anything?

I would ask if you can bring plastic or wood circulars - don’t even bother with the metal. At least with plastic and wood, you won’t be setting off the detectors.

Of course, if you’re trying to get OUT of jury duty…

weird…it seems that I heard that you could…

On Monday, I was not allowed to bring my sz 3 bamboo DPNs into an Indiana courthouse. I would DEFINITELY call and ask. It depends on the courthouse.

FYI, many courthouses don’t allow camera phones inside (witness/jury intimidation issues). The last time I had jury duty, a lot of people ended up running back to their cars to get rid of their phones - lucky I had my old cheapo phone with no camera with me, because I was running late! :oops: I mention this because it seems like 9 out of 10 adults carry the things everywhere these days.
I once had a Gameboy confiscated from my purse, but in that case the deputy put it in an envelope and stuck it under the counter until I left the courthouse.