What a Wonderful World!

This will only take a 2 minutes! What a pick-me-up!


Thank you so much for posting that, it really made my day. I wish everyone could see it. My husband had that song played at his Navy retirement as we were leaving for the last time; it has always been one of our favorite songs.

That is beautiful, thanks for sharing.

very sweet! Thanks! My friend has a new baby fawn every year that comes and rests in her garden. I guess the mama deer knows it’s a safe place.

That is SO sweet! :heart: I can almost hear the kitty purring over the music.


Adorable! I sent it all over.

My little orange cat looks so like the one in the video, and she LOVES deer. I usually get her in when she goes after them, but maybe I shouldn’t! In this photo, taken in my yard, it looks as if she’s defending the big deer against her big brother.

caption: “Abe, you stay away from my new friend. Don’t frighten her…”

that is one of my all time favorites, I play it so much that my kids love it too!

Aww, that was so sweet! I just love that song. :slight_smile:

Awwww! That is the sweetest thing ever!!! :yay:

That could, quite possibly, be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Thanks for the dose of sweet cuteness! :heart:

“Orange miece”, what we’ve always called our Marmalade cats, are the best. We’ve had three of them, for a total of about eighteen years altogther, and are always looking for the next one.

:heart: I also love ol’ Satchimo! Had this song in my November newsletter. It was my Thanksgiving tribute.

Sweet to see the deer with the kitty, and little bunny checkin’ it all out. What a wonderful world their backyard must be to have all that “nature” going on! :heart: