What a relief!

We found a house to rent! We are currently living in a friend’s house and it is probably going to sell soon. Given the area we are in, we were getting freaked out about finding a decent place to live, but we found a place that has been totally remodeled (it’s beautiful inside) and the rent is very acceptable. I am so excited! But this is not the best part.

The Best Part Is----

[color=darkblue]I can almost see the front door of my LYS from the yard of the new house![/color]

It’s less than a block away! swoon We’re probably moving Sept. 1. This is so great!

lol…i generally find it to be a bad thing to be so close to a store i love so much…congrats!!

:cheering: :cheering: YAY for Sara all the way around!!!

I could never live THAT close to my LYS! :wink: I live about 1 mile away and that is close enough for me. :lol:

AGH! How will you stand it? Maybe you should just go ahead and apply for a job :XX: there since you’ll be there all the time anyway :wink:

Glad you were able to find a house. Are you staying in NY or going somewhere else?

We’re going to be about two miles from our current house.

As I was writing this, the realtor called and said that this house is estimated for closing on July 28! Now what do I do? The new house is empty, but the landlord wants to work on it some more over the summer. I have to go make some phone calls… :shock: