What a great site for a new knitter!

[color=indigo]I just wanted to say that this is such a wonderful website! I am a new knitter, my boyfriend actually signed me up for lessons as a birthday gift since I’ve always wanted to knit, & it’s something I’ve been mentioning doing for a while, I just never took the actual initial step until now.

I’m going on my 3rd (out of 5) class this week and along the way, I’ve been visiting this site so I can familiarize myself with different stitches and get ideas for things I’d like to make when I’m more advanced. I must say, my first lesson didn’t go all that great, I just did not have yarn that worked with me, and I was ready to give up, but, I stuck with it and got the right yarn I think! :slight_smile: But boy, after that first lesson, I was ready to crack those needles and give up! :wall:

I’ve only learned garter stitch, but can say I’m about 1/2 way done knitting a simple scarf (I wanted to my first project to be all one stitch so I could actually come away with something I could show off and wear, or give to someone instead of a buffet of different stitches!). I’m finding that I want to knit as often as I can! I’m even brining my scarf to work right now so I can “escape” on my lunch for a little while. xxx I just want to learn as much as I can. I’m already preparing to learn how to purl on my other set of needles, and hopefully once I master that, I can create something from the patterns here. :happydance:

So, I really just wanted to come in here, drop a simple message, and say THANK YOU :cheering: this site is truly wonderful and I’m sure I’ll be visiting more and more as I learn. :notworthy:

Hopefully all of you expert knitters can help me out along the way, as I know that I won’t be able to take lessons forever (I’d much rather spend that money on yarn). :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, this site is great - but not only for a new knitter!!!

Almost 25 years ago my grandmother taught me to knit and I did it all the years…but on this site I’ve learned so many new things!

Icord, provisional cast-on, various methods for decreases and increases etc etc.

Have fun learning to knit! It’s a wonderful hobby :inlove:

Welcome! I agree that this site is fantastic for a beginning knitter. These fine folks have been a great help in my learning.

Definitely a fabulous site! :slight_smile: I love it here!


[size=6]Hi Melissa!
Welcome to Knitting Help…you’re gonna love it here! I am a new knitter too…I just started last October…you will get so much help here…sounds like you’re really excited to learn new things! I too, took a knitting lesson and almost quit after that…too small of needles and horrible yarn. Fortunately for me, I met a lady that is a Fiber Artist and has been knitting since she was 3! She’s taught me everything I know and of course, coming on this site…I’ve learned so much! I just started my first sock…it’s so fun! Just be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help here!

You might ask at your Local Yarn Shop (LYS) if they have a knitting get together every week…or find out if groups meet at your local bookstore to knit…that’s always a great way to learn things…from experienced knitters!

When my friend felted her first purse, she thought she had ruined it and was so upset…I ran to my computer with her on the phone and began posting a cry for help! Within 5 minutes, I had 3 replys…called her back and she finished her bag and it’s beautiful!

Happy Knitting!
Merry [/size]

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

:waving: Thanks everyone for the warm wishes here! :hug: Last night I worked again on my scarf (the knitting while watching tv is really one of the main reasons I wanted to learn…feel like I’m actually doing something while being lazy) and I can say that I’m about 2/3rds of the way done. I have always liked long scarves, so I’m going to just keep going.

I’m actually working with the Lion Yarn Wool-Ease Chunky with the 10½ U.S. (6.5 mm) needles. I’m really finding that to work best for me right now. But, if anyone else has other suggestions on yarn for newbies, I’m all ears! I do have some “furry” yarn, as I refer to it, but I’d like to save that for a nice scarf, and I actually find it somewhat harder to work with, because I’d like to see where I’m going! :doh:

Merry, thanks for the advice on trying to find a local knitting group. There is one place I’m seeing that has free groups on Monday and Friday nights, and I think I might just check it out one night. I’ve been wanting to visit the yarn store anyways, so that might just be a good excuse to get in there and check it out!

Thanks again for all the hellos!


Hi, Melissa! I’m a brand newbie too and have already found so much help here! :notworthy: I’m taking a knitting class too, but this site has helped me a lot between classes. Plus, I don’t think my instructor is going to be offering a class in summer, so this is my school then!

What projects have you completed Mommy22alyns & Merry? I think for the time being, I’m just going to keep pushing out scarves until I get the hang of different patterns I can make. :happydance: I bought a book over the weekend at Barnes & Noble, it was discounted, and I had a $10.00 gift card, I ended up paying $0.75 for the book, which as all different kinds of patterns/stitches depending on the way you knit/purl.

Some day I’ll work on a blanket, or hat, and actually read a pattern!

What is some yarn you’d suggest? That’s my main conquest you could say, right now. Finding a yarn that works & has a little stretch in it so I’m not going mad like I did on my first lesson! :wall:

This is the main reason why I started knitting too! :thumbsup:

A great pattern to start with would be the Booga Bag and it is a great first felting project too. It would help you learn how to read a pattern and is super easy to knit. You can use any fiber that will felt, so usually 100% wool or at least 80% wool (nothing superwash). Lambs Pride has some great wools and Noro has such beautiful colors.

A great scarf pattern is the Scrunchable Scarf - it is super easy and super comfy. You can use pretty much ANY yarn for this - worsted or bulky, wool or acrylic.

Baby items are a great way to learn a new technique (like hats, sweaters, socks) because they are so SMALL!

Welcome to your new obession! :teehee:

welcome to KH! :waving:

I think my eyes almost came out of my head looking at that :shock: I think the parts that got me were:
Now you are going to pick up stitches all around your rectangle and begin knitting in the round. Pick up and knit stitches as follows: … YIKES!

[i]You will now have 100 stitches and will be knitting in the round. Knit every row for 64 rows. Cast off.

And then this: Make a 5 stitch i-cord with your 10 1/2 double pointed needles.[/i]

I think this is one of those that I’ll have to print out and take with me to a lesson because well, I don’t think I’ll even know how to make the i-cord, or really even anything beyond the basic garter stitch!! :doh:

It’s a beautiful bag, and something that I hope I can make in time…right now, I think I may just stick to the scarf! :teehee:

Don’t get scared about the bag!! Amy has videos for picking up stitches AND making an i-cord…so you won’t have to “learn it alone!”.

Scarves are GREAT projects too - as long as you enjoy every stitch, that is what matters the most! :hug:

Welcome :waving: What area of SoCal are you from?

Right now I’ve stayed in the basic stitch videos, but I might have to venture out into the more advanced beginner stuff :slight_smile: Right now now I can please a few people with scarves, so I may just stay there…and hey, I’m enjoying every stitch! :muah:

I am in Orange County. Just moved a few months ago to here. Where are you?

I’m in Brentwood and Encino. I think there are a few from Orange County on here :slight_smile:

Welcome Dink~!
Youre gonna :heart: it here… I think what is so great about KH is that we have such a mix of newbie, beginners, and experienced knitters. I think the mix makes it great b/c you can always find someone who is there or has beent here when you are trying to knit a FO (finsihed object)

BUT: The ~BAD~ news is that…your yarn addiction has only just begun and as many others have already said… you will only find yarn enablers heree~ :whistle:

DON"T come here if you DON"T want to buy more yarn ~ BAD IDEA~!! :hiding:

So you’re a bit away from me then. I’m in the Southern Part of Orange County. I’d love to meet others from this area. :muah:

Hey, I’m here because I NEED yarn advice. All the yarn advice I can get! The first week of trying to knit, I swear I went to the yarn shops and bought 3-5 different kinds, tried it out & returned it because it was either too hard to work with (too much wool–no pull) or it was too fuzzy and stretchy. So if anyone wants to give me yarn advice, right now I’m working with The Lion Yarn Wool Ease Chunky.

So ANY yarn advice would be great! :hug:


This was just MY experience but in classes ( i took 2) they always say used worsted wt yarn (sz4) and size 8/9 needles…

IMHO: I absolutely HATED worsted weight yarn and smaller needles. I needed larger needles (sz 10, 10.5 , 11,15, 17) were what I used at first… I PREFER chunky/bulke yarn (sz 5) and occasionaly superbulky yarn (sz6)
b/c smaller yarn FOR ME was harder to see and harder to pay attention to the details of knitting…such as purling and placing each needle where it was supposed to be… IMHO: i wouls stick with bulky/superbulky…Lion woolease is either 5 or 6 i belivee…
as a beginner stick with larger needles and larger bulkire yarns.
stay away from boucle(twisty) yarn b/c it was harder to work with…I prefer yarn that is not novelty yarn (fun fur, etc)… I like plain old straight yarn like Bernat softee or bernat softee baby ( sold at walmart, hobby lobby (HL), michaels or joanns…
I prefer straight yarn ~!! most times

welcome all newbis!! i do find chuncy yarn is easer for beginners plus you get more faster so theres less’im not geting any where’ so any way welcome.