What a deal!

My LYS had a 40% off sale on yarns they weren’t going to carry anymore for the past 2 weeks, and starting today what was left was 70% off. I should start by saying that my LYS prices are reasonable anyway. Their Wildfoote sock yarn was already $5.50, and I scooped up a bunch at 40% off, so $3.30 a skein! But I had been eying some Cascade Superwash, regularly $9.60 for 100 grams. I was there with a small group of die-hards waiting for the store to open, and I headed straight to the Cascade bin. I was the only one there! The others had dispersed throughout the store. I scooped up a bunch, and it was a good thing I was there when they opened, because within 10 minutes the yarn I wanted was all gone. I got 12 balls of Cascade Superwash for $2.88 each! I feel like I stole something. Yay! :happydancing:

You are soooo lucky. I wish I had a yarn store near me. The nearest one is 80 miles away and the nearest GOOD one is 175 miles away. So I never get good deals like that. Lame.

Spiffy! Nice haul!

Sweet haul!!! YUMMMMYY!!

Don’t we just love knitty deals?! I got a couple of books at the KnitPicks 40% off sale…nuttin’ like a sale!

You are so lucky. You got great deals. :cheering: :yay:There are no yarn stores in my town. I have to take the PATH train into NYC to buy yarn. And of course because it is NYC, everything is usually overpriced. Lately I have been ordering yarn & supplies online because of the decent prices.

Hehe, that’s so awesome. I’m all giggly just thinking about your find!

I guess the only way I am going to get good LYS deals is to open a fracking LYS as we don’t have one here.

Great job on the SEX, but ummm, ya figure maybe the yarn ya wanted was all gone because you, ummm, scooped it all up? :lol:

… ya figure maybe the yarn ya wanted was all gone because you, ummm, scooped it all up? :lol:

That’s kinda what I thought too…

I was at the same sale, and mwedzi is right - it was totally crazy. She also snagged the red-brown Cascade 220 superwash that I wanted too! But that didn’t stop me from buying 19 skeins of Plymouth Baby Alpaca DK, no sirree. Or the 6 or so remaining brown Cascade 220 superwash.

More yarn! More sweaters!

Poor shivering baby alpacas.

:rofl: :rofl:

It’s their own fault for being less than $2/skein! Especially that purple one!

At the bottom of the receipt, there’s a line that says “You saved $–.-- today.” I saved $150. Some lady behind me saved $290.


That is so beautiful! What an amazing deal :smiley:

I knew someone would say that. :lol: What I should have said is, had I not grabbed it within 10 minutes, the yarn I wanted would have been gone. That Cascade Superwash flew out of the bin. As it was, two other people (including Yarn Doc) were trying to take the yarn I had got from me!

Not “trying” per se…more like “offering” to “carry” it for you! :lol:

But if you ever have any extra…i’m sooooo buying it off you! :cheering: