What a Bummer! Need Advice!

For the last two evenings I’ve been working on a small Easter Basket, just big enough to hold a chocolate egg, and it turned out horrible!! It is so tiny and I even added rows. Before you ask, no, I did not do a swatch. I know, I know. I am slapping my own hands for that one!:wall: Anyway, I bought a skein of Pale Yellow Red Heart Super Saver yarn because I was going to do several of these. The pattern calls for a size 2 needle and has been suggested to me that if I go with a larger needle, the basket wouldn’t probably stand on its own. It would be too soft. I don’t want this yarn to go to waste and I would like to make something. I’m thinking of maybe going up to a size 3 or 4 needle, at the biggest and doing a swatch this time, or maybe just chucking that whole idea and doing something different. Do you think going up just a couple needle sizes will make it too soft to stand on it’s own or should I try to find something else to do?

Do you have a link to the pattern?

Not knowing the pattern… maybe you could double it in size? I agree that you’ll probably need the small needles for it to stand up properly.

Do you have enough to double the yarn, maybe?

thats what i thought … if you go up a needle size or 2 you could double the yarn and still get a firm fabric but which would be bgger … youd have to swatch though

Here’s the link: http://home.alphalink.com.au/~woodsy/Baskets.htm

I looked sharp at these baskets and I would bet she either took a closeup or she cropped it and resized it so it is close up. If you look closely it has one of those little cadbury eggs in one and 2 in the other. They are only the size of a chicken egg so the baskets are incredibly small, did you see that? I think it is misleading, but I would bet that is all the bigger those baskets are. Maybe that is what you intended and yours is smaller still, but in the picture it looks like the eggs are much bigger than that.

ooo, that is deceptively small, you’re right.
Worsted weight yarn with a gauge of 6.5 sts per inch!!! Stacy, was it hard on your hands??

nonny2t - Yes, I did notice how small they were. I tried adding extra rows to make it a little bit bigger, but they still turned out very miniature. I’m a tight knitter, so alot of my stuff does tend to turn out on the small side.

Hildie - Yes, it was torture on my hands! I’m really surprised my carpal tunnel didn’t flare up!!

Okay, they only have you cast on 25 stitches. That is extremely tiny! I don’t see why you couldn’t make it larger. To do the basket weave like she has you’d need to have a multiple of 8+1. The one must be a seam stitch or something. :shrug:

It also appears that the eggs stretches the basket a bit to fit in it.

If you’re a tight knitter you might be able to go up a needle size, if the egg is still a tight fit it may help to hold up the basket if the basket doesn’t stay up all on it’s own.