Whale Rider Entrelac Sweater

So it’s pretty sad when one watches a deeply moving film and perseverates nonetheless on the gorgeous entrelac sweater throughout – instead of considering the extraordinary plot. But, since this is what I did, and I had to watch the movie twice to finally pay attention to the plot, I MUST know more about this sweater. I myself am not the entrelac knitter in my family. DH is the entrelac knitter. The man cannot knit a simple wine bottle holder in stockinette stitch (lacks mathematical challenges), but he can knit beautiful entrelac pieces. And he wants to knit THAT sweater. And far be it from me to discourage him in any way (especially since either myself or one of our 3 children could be the recipient of said sweater).

So does anyone know where I can get a hold of the pattern for the entrelac sweater in “Whale Rider”, worn by paikea’s character throughout, but especially while riding the whale?


I thought a picture would be helpful, so I did a google image search. Is this the sweater you’re talking about?

That’s the one! Thanks.

Hm. Well I don’t have a lot of experience knitting sweaters (I have one completed pullover that I never wear, and two half-done pullovers that I haven’t touched for months), but hopefully someone more experienced will chime in soon.

To my novice eye, it looks like a basic raglan with entrelac on the front panel. A lot of people like to do raglans in the round, but I’ve also seen directions for seamed ones. I think seamed might be better for this design since it would be tough to figure out how to do the increases (or decreases if you’re going bottom up). In addition, though I’ve never done entrelac, I’m guessing that it has a very different gauge from stockinette, making seaming the only way to go unless you want to attempt some kind of crazy short rowing to adjust for differences in row gauge, which really would be more trouble than it’s worth when a viable alternative is available. Oh yeah – I almost forgot about the color changes too – score another point for seamed. Anyway, it sounds like DH already knows how to do entrelac, so if he just needs directions for the basic sweater shape, I’d recommend Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti. It’s a great book, and unlike many other sweater books, actually includes instructions for seamed raglans in addition to raglans in the round.

Your DH makes sweaters for your family?!? :cheering:
Does he have a twin?

Show him [color=blue][size=6]this[/size][/color].

Scroll down to “Sideways Sweaters”.

Have fun! :happydance:


No twin …that I know of …and so far no sweaters…but he has made incredibly beautiful entrelac hats and washcloths and is ready for a sweater. He is also planning to learn to make some entrelac socks. He is quite good with the entrelac.

Thanks for the great website.


:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

You’re a VERY lucky lady! :happydance: