"Westward " Pattern Help Calls for Crossing Color work?


I have been trying to knit a pattern by Stephen West called “Westward.” It is a hat. I can’t get past round 3’s color work even though I am an experienced knitter!

The pattern says "With both yarn strands in front, (using
color A, p1, cross B over A, using color B, p1 cross A over B)
to end of rnd.

Other areas also call to cross B under A etc. This seems simple but I can’t seem to figure it out. I knit American style and seem to be confused about what exactly is meant by under or over.

Any help would be appreciated. Videos, links, explanations or i could even send the pattern. :wink:

Welcome to KnittingHelp! Over and under are referring to the way you’ll twist the two yarns in making this pattern. If you let both yarns dangle down from the knitting, you can see that you can cross the yarns in two ways: the first strand over or across the front of the second the second strand, the first strand under or behind the back of the second. The only comparable video I can think of is one that shows the way you cross yarns for intarsia. The yarns are crossed at the back of the work in this case but the idea of crossing the yarns is the same. Of course it looks like you’ll be crossing yarns more frequently in your pattern. It’s a great looking hat, btw.

Ohhhh I like that hat!