Western New York - Buffalo Area

I’m new to this site and didn’t see any postings for the Western New York area. Anyone else in the area?

I’m mostly a lurker here … but I’m in Buffalo (Kenmore to be specific).

I’m in Rochester.


I’m in the E Amherst area.
I’m very new to knitting; my experience runs to sewing and tailoring. In an effort to teach myself to knit, I’ve completed two sleeveless shell type sweaters and one tunic length sweater with sleeves. This I did in a ‘Chunky’ yard, so it was very fast to knit. I’m still working on the wrap sweater that I found in New Zealand (this sweater is the reason I’m learning how to knit).
Do either of you ladies know of places around here to buy good, natural fiber yarn? Except for the yarn in the wrap sweater, I’ve gotten my yarn at JoAnns and Micheals.
I was also wondering what knitting any of you do for men. I only need so many sweaters and I’d love to make something for my husband (who actually wears sweaters) and sons (who don’t wear sweaters, but would use afghans). This is just like sewing; not much out there for males, but tons of different things for females.

I am in the Lockport area, I am an intermediate knitter, would love to learn to make sweaters, socks and gloves - I also prefer natural fibers and have found 2 lys which have a nice selection - Nice to find fellow WNY knitters!:knitting:

hello from Lockport! I found a LYS called ‘Yarn It All’ on Campbell Rd in Pendleton and another on Main St in Snyder (very close to Harlem Rd) forgot the name though - both have a nice selection of natural fiber yarns which I also prefer.
I am a self-taught ‘advanced-beginner’ would love to learn how to make sweaters, gloves and socks.
Nice to find another local knitter
take care