West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


[B][I]Cupid[/I][/B] and [B][I]Wizard of Oz[/I][/B] arrived today.

Carol and Bailey, thank you for the pincushion and ornament. It is always nice to receive small surprises with the blankets.


[B][I]Cupid[/I][/B] is ready for the next knitter.


[B][I]Wizard of Oz [/I][/B]is ready for the next knitter.


I’ve added you to the list for Lucky Charm.

Would you like to knit Leprechaun? It is a preemie blanket so sport weight or soft dk. Suggestions for yarn are Caron Simply Soft Baby, TLC Baby or Bernat Softee Baby.


[B][I]Wizard of Oz[/I][/B] is headed to California.

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 8779 1646


WOW, I’ve missed a lot since I last logged onto this part of the forum. Great job on all of the blanktes! We have such a talented group of knitters:hug:


I would love to! Thanks for signing me up, I really enjoy knitting the blankets and I finally have a bit of time on my hands.

Beach Party is on its way to Hawaii. Wish I could go with the package!!


Wizard of Oz got here yesterday! Thanks for the yummy tea, pinnut – how did you know chamomile is my favorite? :hug:


Rose Petals arrived today and I have already finished the border on this pretty little blanket.

Thanks, Bailey for the cotton yarn. Now I can knit some dish clothes while my DD is at swim practice. I’ve been wanting to work on some more dish clothes, and I love the colors :slight_smile:


Ahhh! I think I totally forgot to post that this blanket was even on its way - you were fast with that border, can’t wait to see pictures!

You’re welcome for the yarn, I always love dishcloth yarn too. Glad you liked the colors!


Here’s a picture of Rose Petals before I sent it for its border:

Rose Petals by bailchri, on Flickr


Please, post a photo of the blanket with its border, so we can see all of its beauty. :pray: :pray:


[B]Blanket Update[/B]

Have several opportunities for pinch knitters.

Wizard of Oz needs someone to knit Cowardly Lion in a brown or beige colorway.

Mardi Gras also needs a knitter.


I would gladly pinch knit on Mardi Gras if you still need someone.



[B][I]Cupid[/I][/B] is on its way to Cheryl in OH

Confirmation # 0307 3330 0001 2172 5881


Three blankets are ready to travel!

Lucky Charm (sorry the picture is so fuzzy):

Wizard of Oz:

and Superheroes:

Hmm. Suddenly, I’m feeling very much like a blanket hog…


Loving all of these blankets!


Wizard of Oz is on its way to shasha
Confirmation # 0496 9007 0180 2320 9547

Superheroes is going to bpeatknits
Confirmation # 0496 9007 0180 2320 9554

Lucky Charm is heading over to hularac
Confirmation # 0496 9007 0180 2320 9561

Happy knitting, ladies!


It seems you still might need a pinch knitter for Wizard of Oz? I can do it if no one else wants to. :slight_smile:


I’ve been so busy I forgot to post the confirmation #'s for the two blankets that I mailed on Friday.
Pumpkin Patch II is on its way to Wichita Falls
0494 2435 6110 3416 1136

And Rost Petals is on its way to Seatle
0494 2435 6110 3416 1143

So sorry for the delay with the blankets.