West Coast / Central Oddball Baby Blankets


Hi bailchri (Bailey) I just wanted to let you know that Wizard of Oz has started its journey your direction. :cheering: Happy stitching the Munchkins. The delivery confirmation number is 03092880000161703116

Hugs:hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



Hi Tania,

Just wanted to say that Grapevine arrived safely today and thanks so much for the lovely Plymouth baby yarn. :thumbsup: Love :heart: the feel and colors and I hadn’t tried this yarn before so really love it. Dreambaby DK Purlescense is what is on the label.

Hugs:hug: :hug: and happy stitching everyone,:knitting:



I’m posting here too because I [I]think[/I] there are members here that are not on Ravelry still…right?

I recently sent Candy Land out for its border and it has arrived but I wanted to share a picture anyway. This is one of those blankets that totally wasn’t what I had pictured…perhaps it’s because I have small kids, but I was imagining this one to be the color of a Candy Land game board when I opened it…it is not what I pictured but it’s a sweet blanket all the same:

Spring Fling is ready for its border:

The center section reminds me of a pansy!

Also, Wizard of Oz arrived today and I’m getting ready to start my section on Superheroes today as well!


Hi Everyone,

Here is a picture of the border on Grape Vine


I just realized that I hadn’t posted pictures of Candy Land with its border.


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Beach Party arrived safe and sound. Thank you for the lovely notepad, I’ve already started using it! Beach party already has so much pizzazz, it certainly is a party! I am about half way done with my section and I should be ready to send it along by the end of the week, God willing. :smiley:


THESE ARE GORGEOUS!!! :inlove: Amazing work!!


LOVELY work, everyone! :muah:


I finally started and finished my section of Superheroes. I wanted to do something a little special for my section but it required learning some new techniques and doing a few practice swatches after finding the perfect pattern. Next I had to weave in ALL of my ends:

It’s definitely far from perfect (my section anyway - the Captain America section is GREAT), but I’m pretty proud of it, mostly because it took extra time and effort and I’m proud of myself for taking the time for it (I’m usually looking for the easy way out so this was big for me :wink: )

If I could get the mailing info for the next knitter I will get in the mail right away! Looking forward to seeing this one progress. I also posted on the challenge page.

Enjoy your day!


I agree, Bailey… the colors of Candy Land were not at all what I expected, either, but it did turn out to be a sweet little blanket anyway - especially once it received it’s pretty border from Kae. One of the reasons I chose my stitch pattern (the mint green one) is because the little squares reminded me of the squares on the Candy Land board and the cards.


Bailey, I LOVE it! :muah:
Batman was always my boys favorite superhero. Brings back lots of fun memories of my little boys running all over the house with black trash bags for capes. cloud9


Beach Party is ready to move. I added some sand to our beach party, in sand stitch of course! Please get the next knitter ready so I can send it along! :smiley:


Bailchri has started a new preemie blanket. She has named it “Leprechaun” and has visions of it being completed in shades of green.

We need four more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open!


Another new blanket has been started by Dimpledapple. She has named it “Lucky Charm”. It is going to be a regular worsted weight blanket and needs five more knitters and a border patrol.

Signups are open for this one!


I’d be happy to knit on Leprechaun…sign me up…I’m Irish:heart:


I sent Wizard of Oz out today to Nancy and I’m so mad at myself for not getting a picture first! I ALWAYS a picture if not just to post here but also to keep for my personal stuff…it’s fun to look at my pictures and see the blankets I’ve worked on. I added my blue section to represent munchkins (but it also sort of reminds me of the color of Dorothy’s dress) to a beautiful “Emerald City” green. Confirmation: 0496 9001 2840 3909 2961

I also finally got Superheroes sent out to Tania. I’m really looking forward to seeing her section and all that follow it! Our group is the only one to post a picture of either of the challenge blankets but hopefully once the other groups see our blankets progress they’ll start getting to theirs too! I can’t wait to see all of the blankets!

Janet posted sign ups for Leprechaun, our newest preemie blanket. Here is a picture of it so far - it’s ready to be sent out as soon as sign ups are complete. My vision for this blanket is to be in shades of green - we need more boy blankets :slight_smile: I like the look of smaller stripes rather than the lager chunks of color (especially for the preemie blankets) so my section was done with 2 different shades of green but still totals 4 inches. It would be nice if other people would follow that idea, but it’s not required, of course. To help with it, I’m sending along some yarn so you can add a small bit of it if you choose (or maybe you have your own 2 shades).

Leprechaun - Preemie by bailchri, on Flickr

Happy Knitting, all!

PS - is it just me or is flickr different again…arrrrgh!


I’d love to knit on Lucky Charm. Leprechaun is such a great idea, is it knit using the sport weight yarn or regular? I would to get in on as many blankets as I can but of course, I certainly don’t want to deprive anyone of an opportunity!! I like the idea of doing some more boy blankets, maybe we can think of some themes… hmmm…


What stitch is this??? It’s so interesting, it looks like the double crochet stitch.


Hi Everyone,

I just completed the border on Spring Fling. :cheering: I’ve added a row of flowers in a pale lilac Caron SS.

And here is the close-up of the border:

I’ve also put the images in the flickr pool.

Hugs:hug: :hug: :hug: and happy stitching,:knitting:



I found the stitch here; it’s called Grill. Also, to answer your other question, this is a preemie blanket so it’s knit with DK/sport yarn.